Thursday, 3 January 2008

Team T-Lo's Best of 2007

Team T-Lo had a great 2007. One of the best years on record. And of course, the best year for Logan as it was his first.

We thought we would look back on the year and tell the readers what we deem to be the highlights. Everyone is doing a "best of" list, so why should we be any different?

Here is goes:

Best CD of 2007
Terry - MachineHead The Blackening
Tawny - Nine Inch Nails Year Zero
Logan - Avril Lavigne featuring L'il Mama Girlfriend Remix (much to Terry's disappointment, the boy just will not walk, but he will boogie on the spot to this lovely little ditty hehehhe)

Best Book of 2007
Tawny - The Hindi-Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan (Published May 2007, Bantam Books)

Best TV Show of 2007
Terry - Dexter
Tawny - Weeds

Best Fast Food of 2007
Terry - Wendy's number 4 combo (Bacon Cheese Burger, Fries, Coke)
Tawny- Wendy's number 2 combo (Double Cheese Burger, Fries, Coke)
Logan - tie Carrots (done in 15 seconds in the microwave. Talk about FAST food), Jello

Best Moment in 2007
Terry- When Logan first crawled
Tawny - family walks in the summerLogan - my 1st birthday party

Best New Clothes in 2007
Terry- The "Will Fix Computers for Brains" shirt that Tawny got him for Christmas
Tawny- tie my Lamb of God sweater and my Chronix t-shirt
Logan - anything that isn't socks!

Best Concert of 2007
Terry- Lamb of God, MachineHead, Trivium
Tawny - Heart
Logan - mommy and daddy's rendition of "I Got a Logan" in surround sound

Best Gift Received in 2007
Terry - the Crayola masterpiece card made by Logan with help from mommy
Tawny - her sewing machine from Terry and Logan
Logan - The Bellybutton Book by Sandra Boynton given to him by his grandma

Best Movie of 2007
(keep in mind that we didn't see very many movies this year due to baby constraints)
Terry - Transformers
Tawny - I Am Legend

Best Video Game of 2007
Terry - Marbles!
Tawny - Marbles!
(for the Wii of course!)

Pretty good list if I do say so myself. We could go on, but you've probably read about a billion of these things already, so enough is enough already.

Note: most of the things in the list have been talked about in previous blogs. I've tried to link as many of them as possible for your convenience, because I'm nice that way and stuff :)


Anonymous said...

Heres to another great year with my awesome family!

CHADMAC said...

Yay best-of lists! Now I must throw in my two cents......

Best CD:
Roll and Go - The Dreadnoughts
Note that I have only actually heard four songs off of the album, but I am impressed enough to vote this way despite not hearing the rest. I will be receiving the CD in the mail some time during the next couple weeks.

Best Book:
The Assault on Reason - Al Gore

Best TV Show:

Best Fast Food:
Quiznos - Honey Bacon Club

Best Moment:
Visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam with the cops standing just outside the door.... on a school-funded trip.

Best New Clothes:
My HNIC jersey

Best Concert:
Random band on Fremont Street downtown in Vegas. I don't recall the name or even if I heard the name. We just walked by and decided to stop to watch for awhile. Although to be honest, the best part of the concert was the two girls dancing in front of us....

Best Gift Received:
Autographed copy of Chuck Palahniuk's Rant from Kyle

Best Movie:

Best Video Game:
I didn't play a lot of new games.... but based on the little time that I spent playing it, I am going to have to agree with Tawny and Terry - Marbles.

CHADMAC said...

Hmmmm..... apparently the information on the MySpace for the Dreadnoughts wasn't totally accurate. I just received th album in the mail and it is actually called Legends Never Die. And after listening to the whole thing, I still recommend it for best CD.