Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Take Your Baby to Work Day

On Friday, I was sick with a terrible head cold. My nose was stuffed up, my voice was cracked and my eyes were watering. I was quite a sight!

Terry, being the kind and wonderful man that he is, phoned me in the morning and asked how I was doing. I tried to be brave and told him that everything was fine. But he saw through my thin charade and decided to come home. I think visions of being up all night, on his weekend no less, with Logan and the head cold I was bound to give the little one were dancing around in the back of his mind.

I was relieved actually. This meant I was able to dose myself with some Benadryl and sleep it off all afternoon. Terry in the meantime decided to get Loags out of the line of cold germs and took him to visit his office.

Logan must have had a great time there. I'm told there are pictures of himself all over daddy's desk, so that would have been cool enough. But daddy also let Logan play with his headset. A co-worker took pictures of Logan doing his "phone shift." Somehow I think he wasn't too impressed with it all. Instead, I heard later that they promoted Logan to CS-3. That means, he's the boss. And we all know that little Loags loves to be the boss!

Here are some of the pictures of Logan working the "phone shift"


Anonymous said...

The kids already a better typer than me!

Julie said...

He's a natural: keyboarder extraordinaire. Hope you're feeling better, Tawny!