Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Table Scraps

Our little Loags is growing up. He will NOT eat baby food. In fact, he's so grown up that he refuses to eat "adult" food if we are feeding it to him. He turns his head and pretends that we don't exist when a spoonful of anything gets near him.

Our great solution to this obvious dilemma:

Feed the baby things that he can pick up and eat himself (aka: table scraps)
Until he learns to use a spoon, that is what he gets. So far, a spoon is a little too advanced for this kid. He dumps whatever is in his bowl all over himself and then puts the spoon in his mouth backwards.
For breakfast, I cut up a banana. Remember how he used to hate banana mash? That has all ended when he discovered that banana came in non-mash form. He even shouts "baba, baba" while I chop it up, or when Terry and I accidentally say the word "banana" out loud. He can't get enough of this stuff.

He also enjoys:
- bits 'o cheese
- cereal in all varieties
- sandwich meat
- scrambled eggs
- raisins
- toast
- cookies
- other fruit chopped up, although none as much as bananas
- whatever we're eating cubed into bite sized bits of stuff

The great thing about this new streak of independence is that we finally get to sit down and eat a meal ourselves without worrying about feeding him and then entertaining him while we eat. He takes so long picking everything up and putting it in his mouth, that we have time to sit around, enjoy our meal and have an actual conversation. Logan even enjoys this time. He mimics almost everything we say now. He even tries to copy our laughs. Goofy kid!

We're also in the middle of getting him used to cows milk, rather than formula. He's gotten used to having half and half in his bottle before bed, but won't drink milk out of his sippy cup. That thing is reserved strictly for apple juice, which he drinks by the jug! I'm surprised he hasn't turned into an apple by now. hah!

Anyway, if you readers out there have any suggestions for more finger foods that Logan might like to try, please share. Somehow I think this diet is going to get old very fast. We better get on that spoon practice!

(Sopranos mobster Loags)


Anonymous said...

Bananas rule!

Anonymous said...

Dining suggestions from Devin, who thinks eating is an Olympic sport. These were his finger food faves:

-Tofu (simmered in broth then cubed)
-Peas! Also excellent for squishing
-Melted cheese on toast. Grilled cheese.
-Pancakes, waffles, French toast
- Frozen blueberries, thawed
- Avocado chunks
- Rice cakes
- Macaroni (& cheese or with tomato sauce). Messy as finger food but fun.
- Hard boiled egg

Bon appetit, Logan!