Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Table Scraps

Our little Loags is growing up. He will NOT eat baby food. In fact, he's so grown up that he refuses to eat "adult" food if we are feeding it to him. He turns his head and pretends that we don't exist when a spoonful of anything gets near him.

Our great solution to this obvious dilemma:

Feed the baby things that he can pick up and eat himself (aka: table scraps)
Until he learns to use a spoon, that is what he gets. So far, a spoon is a little too advanced for this kid. He dumps whatever is in his bowl all over himself and then puts the spoon in his mouth backwards.
For breakfast, I cut up a banana. Remember how he used to hate banana mash? That has all ended when he discovered that banana came in non-mash form. He even shouts "baba, baba" while I chop it up, or when Terry and I accidentally say the word "banana" out loud. He can't get enough of this stuff.

He also enjoys:
- bits 'o cheese
- cereal in all varieties
- sandwich meat
- scrambled eggs
- raisins
- toast
- cookies
- other fruit chopped up, although none as much as bananas
- whatever we're eating cubed into bite sized bits of stuff

The great thing about this new streak of independence is that we finally get to sit down and eat a meal ourselves without worrying about feeding him and then entertaining him while we eat. He takes so long picking everything up and putting it in his mouth, that we have time to sit around, enjoy our meal and have an actual conversation. Logan even enjoys this time. He mimics almost everything we say now. He even tries to copy our laughs. Goofy kid!

We're also in the middle of getting him used to cows milk, rather than formula. He's gotten used to having half and half in his bottle before bed, but won't drink milk out of his sippy cup. That thing is reserved strictly for apple juice, which he drinks by the jug! I'm surprised he hasn't turned into an apple by now. hah!

Anyway, if you readers out there have any suggestions for more finger foods that Logan might like to try, please share. Somehow I think this diet is going to get old very fast. We better get on that spoon practice!

(Sopranos mobster Loags)

Monday, 21 January 2008

Dancin' Fool

Logan is a dancing fool. It just depends on what music you put on. The first video is him dancing to Megadeth. Terry is very proud. But somehow it takes a little coaxing to get him to shake his bottom.

The next video is what happens when we put on L'il Mama and Avril Lavigne. No coaxing needed!

Poor Terry :(

But cute Logan! Boogie down.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Smurfs have turned 50!

The Smurfs have turned 50!

They are my favourite cartoon. Always have been and always will be. If they don't screw up the movie that they have in the works, it could introduce those silly little blue creatures to a new generation, including my baby Loags!

Read more about the 50th Anniversary below:

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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Take Your Baby to Work Day

On Friday, I was sick with a terrible head cold. My nose was stuffed up, my voice was cracked and my eyes were watering. I was quite a sight!

Terry, being the kind and wonderful man that he is, phoned me in the morning and asked how I was doing. I tried to be brave and told him that everything was fine. But he saw through my thin charade and decided to come home. I think visions of being up all night, on his weekend no less, with Logan and the head cold I was bound to give the little one were dancing around in the back of his mind.

I was relieved actually. This meant I was able to dose myself with some Benadryl and sleep it off all afternoon. Terry in the meantime decided to get Loags out of the line of cold germs and took him to visit his office.

Logan must have had a great time there. I'm told there are pictures of himself all over daddy's desk, so that would have been cool enough. But daddy also let Logan play with his headset. A co-worker took pictures of Logan doing his "phone shift." Somehow I think he wasn't too impressed with it all. Instead, I heard later that they promoted Logan to CS-3. That means, he's the boss. And we all know that little Loags loves to be the boss!

Here are some of the pictures of Logan working the "phone shift"

Friday, 4 January 2008

Team T-Lo Reads! #1

Yes, that's right. Team T-Lo actually reads a book or two every now and then. I thought that maybe you would like to know what we think about these books. Actually, it's more like, I thought that you needed to know our opinions on everything (that's why I have this blog after all), and our opinions on reading are no different. So, once I have had enough time to gather together a few reviews, I will post them up here.

Keep in mind, that reviews by me will be mostly Romance novels. I know that I have an English degree and therefore I should be reading more high-brow type stuff, but I can't help myself. Romance novels are the greatest of all literature hehehe

Logan will make his opinions known on all sorts of children's books. And we might even get Terry to review a few books. Who knows?

So to start off the first "Team T-Lo Reads" column, here are a mixed bag of books. The ratings are out of 5.

1) Raging Winds of Heaven by June Lund Shiplett (Paperback Romance)
Reissue published 1988 Signet Books

Tawny Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Picture Unavailable.

I love Historical romances, so this review is a little biased. I read this novel once when I was younger, and remembered it so vividly that I had to order it and read it again. I could probably read it over a few more times without getting bored.

The title character Loedicia is a strong willed young lady who gets into all sorts of trouble in the effort to get away from an arranged marriage. During her escapades she falls in love with Quinn, who is very well written. He is the perfect hero in a romance novel. Of course Loedicia is torn between two loves as the story unfolds. It is normally difficult to have a reader genuinely root for both men, but in this case, Lund has made it impossible to choose. I cried during the chapter where Dicia had to choose between them. It was so beautiful and frustrating and fantastic! In fact, the whole book was like that.

2) Alias: Daddy by Adrianne Lee (Mass Market Paperback)
Published 1997 Harlequin Books

Tawny Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

Truly terrible. I can't believe I didn't put it down after a couple of chapters. First of all, if the book is classified as Romance, then it should be Romantic! Instead, it was a very weak mystery with a few awful love scenes thrown in.

I hate it when there is a dire situation, like having a serial killer about to kill the main characters, and rather than concentrating on keeping alive, they are busy having sex or talking about their relationship. Lame!

And another thing; books where there are crazy serial killers on the loose, should not involve children. At least the ones that call themselves Romance novels shouldn't. I was too busy worrying about the children, that I couldn't have cared less about whether or not the parents got together. I wanted to shake both of them and force them to keep on eye on these babies. But no, they just sent the children away, into an ambush I might add, and continued to get it on. Bleh.

3) River of Desire by Abra Taylor (Romance)
Published 1982 Worldwide Publishing

Tawny rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This book had promise. It started with the classic character structure of a true romance. A hard, bitter man who was haunted by something not yet revealed. And an independent woman who threatened to change all that. Perfect! I love that sort of stuff, yet I couldn't get into this one.

The characters didn't amuse me. In fact, they weren't even likable. There was no central dilemma to pull the story together, just a lot of scattered nonsense. A lot of the chapters could have been cut down to ten sentences or less. They were just filler.

The only saving grace was the setting. A good romance would have taken advantage of an exotic backdrop like the Amazon jungle. This one, unfortunately, did not. Not even the wilds of the jungle could spring some life into this novel.

4) The Hindi-Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan
Published 2007 Bantam Books (Paperback)

Tawny rating 5 out of 5 stars

The best book of 2007!
When you can relate to the characters in a book so well it doesn't matter how the writing is. Fortunately for this book, I related to the characters and the writing was good. And there were recipes!
The major theme of the book was about living in two worlds, East and West; something that I certainly understand, and my dad would understand even more. It made me feel close to my family and reminded me about how enriching it is to embrace two cultures.
So, I'll go with the cliche response and say, "It's a MUST read."

5) The Belly Button Book by Sandra Boynton (Board Book)
Published 2005, Workman Publishing

Logan Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

This is the best book ever! I make my mommy and daddy read it to me everyday at least 15 times. This book is so good that I even like to chew on it. I read it so much that the cover fell off and mommy had to tape the book back together. I have tons of other books to read, but this one is still my favourite. Did you know that tiny hippopotamuses call their Belly Button a "bee bo?" Awesome.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Team T-Lo's Best of 2007

Team T-Lo had a great 2007. One of the best years on record. And of course, the best year for Logan as it was his first.

We thought we would look back on the year and tell the readers what we deem to be the highlights. Everyone is doing a "best of" list, so why should we be any different?

Here is goes:

Best CD of 2007
Terry - MachineHead The Blackening
Tawny - Nine Inch Nails Year Zero
Logan - Avril Lavigne featuring L'il Mama Girlfriend Remix (much to Terry's disappointment, the boy just will not walk, but he will boogie on the spot to this lovely little ditty hehehhe)

Best Book of 2007
Tawny - The Hindi-Bindi Club by Monica Pradhan (Published May 2007, Bantam Books)

Best TV Show of 2007
Terry - Dexter
Tawny - Weeds

Best Fast Food of 2007
Terry - Wendy's number 4 combo (Bacon Cheese Burger, Fries, Coke)
Tawny- Wendy's number 2 combo (Double Cheese Burger, Fries, Coke)
Logan - tie Carrots (done in 15 seconds in the microwave. Talk about FAST food), Jello

Best Moment in 2007
Terry- When Logan first crawled
Tawny - family walks in the summerLogan - my 1st birthday party

Best New Clothes in 2007
Terry- The "Will Fix Computers for Brains" shirt that Tawny got him for Christmas
Tawny- tie my Lamb of God sweater and my Chronix t-shirt
Logan - anything that isn't socks!

Best Concert of 2007
Terry- Lamb of God, MachineHead, Trivium
Tawny - Heart
Logan - mommy and daddy's rendition of "I Got a Logan" in surround sound

Best Gift Received in 2007
Terry - the Crayola masterpiece card made by Logan with help from mommy
Tawny - her sewing machine from Terry and Logan
Logan - The Bellybutton Book by Sandra Boynton given to him by his grandma

Best Movie of 2007
(keep in mind that we didn't see very many movies this year due to baby constraints)
Terry - Transformers
Tawny - I Am Legend

Best Video Game of 2007
Terry - Marbles!
Tawny - Marbles!
(for the Wii of course!)

Pretty good list if I do say so myself. We could go on, but you've probably read about a billion of these things already, so enough is enough already.

Note: most of the things in the list have been talked about in previous blogs. I've tried to link as many of them as possible for your convenience, because I'm nice that way and stuff :)