Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A Team T-Lo Christmas

Team T-Lo wishes everyone happy holidays. We certainly had an awesome Christmas this year.

So many things have happened that we need to tell you about.

Logan didn't wish for his two front teeth for Christmas (because he already had them), but he did receive the tooth right next to the top front one. Five teeth in total now. Pretty good!
He also received all sorts of presents from everyone in the known universe it seems. We had quite the pile of stuff to sort through. Thanks to everyone who send gifts, cards, well wishes etc. I will eventually get an email off to each of you with pictures and everything. Just give me time. It's been a hectic bunch of days.

Terry had five days off, which was one of the best presents I could have gotten, since I had time to sit back and relax for awhile. He hasn't taken any time off since Logan was born last year. It was nice to spend time as a family during this break. We even watched that awful, It's a Wonderful Life movie.

On Christmas Day we took the little one out for his first sled ride. He loved it. Well, he didn't love the bundling up part. Hats are his mortal enemy. But once we got outside and started going, he was much happier. He put his mittened hand out to feel the snow piled high on the curb as we went along. Cute! We took a picture of him in a snowbank hehehe

By far the best present I got happened today on Boxing Day. MOMMY WINS THE BET!!!!!
As you might remember from a previous blog, I was losing not so long ago. Things have turned around! Logan climbed my leg today and said, "mum-um-um-um," This was followed shortly by Logan picking up his favourite little yellow friend with black stripes and saying, very proudly, "Bee."

Yay! Now we're working very closely with little Loags and his various "walking" toys. He's going to be running around in a few days is my guess. He likes to do everything all at once, or not at all. I wonder where he gets that from?

*Tawny is currently working on the week-long menu that Terry must present to her, the winner of the bet*


Anonymous said...

Noooo...I demand a recount! Hehehe...Daddy almost won...

Julie said...

YAY!!! I guessed right. Tawny, would you post the menu once you've got it down? I want to see which meal I should fly in for...

Julie said...

Hey, I was just kidding about flying in...but I still AM rather curious about the menu.

Anonymous said...

haha... no worries. I will blog about the menu once I decide on it. Right now, Logan is teething another couple of doozies. So we're up all night. I think Terry will have to pay up once we get settled back down and have some more time. It's deferred until then :) Gives me more time to come up with something really good!