Friday, 14 December 2007

Fun with Statistics!

Okay, so statistics aren't so fun. But they are interesting to me, especially when they have to do with this blog.

So in case any of you are interested, here are some of the stats for The Adventures of Team T-Lo starting on August 1st, 2007:

Total Visitors: 572

Total hits: 997 (almost 1000! Yay me!)

Top visited Blogs: 1) Wolverine 2) Seven Month Switch

And the most interesting stats of all are the searches. People will type anything into Google. The searches that brought people to my little space in the ole interWeb are quite varied.
Here's a taste of some of these searches:

The regular ones:
- six month old baby
- tawny t
- facebook tawny
- team “lo”
- team lo
- Logan tooth

A lot of scared parents looking to see if their babies are normal. I wonder if they should be taking advice from my Blog then?
- First feeding rice cereal
- rice cereal first feeding
- 7 month baby scream
- Of mothers among other things

People seeking entertainment ideas in Winnipeg perhaps?
- silver city st vital mommy and baby
- silver city st. vital stars and strollers
- metal shows in winnipeg
- “bruno and the banana bunch”
- cbc bruno and the banana bunch
- on top of spaghetti alvin and the chipmunks
- “Anna Banana” Facebook

My fault for reviewing Porno Pizza:
- porno canadian
- lo.porno
- hawaiian porno
- Bareback Pizza

The cause and effect set:
- Cause and effect in infants
- cause and effect example for infants
- cause and effect in babies
- cause and effect in infants
- cause and effect for babies

The second runner up for weirdest search ever:
- porno teething
(What the? Do I really want to know what someone was hoping to find with this one?

And finally, the most incredibly odd and disturbing search of all!
(Ack! And it was all in capital letters like that too. You see what happens when I review Porno pizza on the same blog page that I say something about Logan and Terry being alike? Yipes!)

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CHADMAC said...

My curiosity is piqued..... how did you find the searches that lead people to your site? I'm wondering what may have brought people to my little neck of the inter-woods.