Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Pregnancy Tests and Mini Wheats

You may also call this blog: "Tawny's Viewing Suggestions II."


Most people hate them. I, in fact, love them. When they're done right of course.

Since we mostly download everything we watch, we don't have a chance to catch all that "the commercial" has to offer. But, during the day I watch Soaps and get to see all the latest offerings in advertising.

In the afternoon during General Hospital, there is a very limited demographic. Commercials are basically aimed at stay-at-home mommies like myself. Lots of diapers, baby food, women's products, and cleaners are displayed for our product-buying pleasure.

Terry teases me a lot because I pay close attention to commercials. Often he has asked me what product he should buy between two of the same thing. I always pick the product with the best commercial. You see, advertising does work! Sometimes... (Terry just shakes his head and demands that I make an educated decision rather than spewing out some advertisement).

Anyway, here are a few worth watching:

My favourite:

The most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on! hahahahahahaha
Terry can't even deny the genius of this commercial.

Logan's favourite:

If you sing the song in this commercial to Logan, he will instantly stop fussing and start humming along to the tune. Awesome... just awesome!

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CHADMAC said...

I know exactly how you feel about ads. When done right, they can be some of the best things on TV..... because most of the crap out there these days is terrible.

That pregnancy test commercial is pure genius. Although my personal favourite still has to be one of the original Geico caveman ads.....

The one in the restaurant when he apologizes to the cavemen