Friday, 21 September 2007

Logan's Viewing Suggestions I (The Save-Ums)

Logan doesn't have the attention span yet for watching TV. He mostly pays attention to short commercials and a little bit to the opening/closing theme songs for shows. But one day I turned on the TV at 9:30 in the morning. I was about to switch it so that I could play one of my shows from Terry's computer. The TV was left on CBC and CBC Kids was on. Logan started making cute little baby noises and I noticed he was actually watching the TV. He was moving his arms around in the air and became very excited. The show that was playing was called The Save-Ums.

So if that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is!

Now everyday at 9:30 if we're at home, I turn on The Save-Ums and Logan sits still for 10 minutes and watches. The show is only about ten minutes long, which is perfect for little people with short attention spans.

The shows centres about a bunch of cute characters (Logan's favourites are Foo and the Puffs). They have cool technological gadgets that help them solve problems for people. Their motto is "Small is powerful!!" So far we've watched them help wash a baby dinosaur and help that same baby dinosaur brush his tooth. We've seen them rescue the Silly Sammies flowers from a rock that was on top of them, preventing them from blooming. We've even seen them figure out how to get the crabs down from a wayward helium balloon.

They always use basic physics or simple solutions to problems to show that even little kids can figure out big problems and be heroes. Very cute and educational. Although I think Logan is mostly interested in the bright colours, the singing and the childlike voices.

Check out a few of their websites:
The Official Save-Ums Website
The CBC Kids Save-Ums Website

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