Monday, 10 September 2007

Let Him Eat Cake!

Logan's Godfather and Grandpa both had birthdays on the weekend. We had a BBQ to celebrate.

The BBQ was a bit of a surprise party for Josh (the Godfather). You see, Melanie (the Godmother) phoned us several weeks ago and told us that she had a birthday surprise for Josh. This particular surprise would be best shared with friends. So a BBQ was arranged so that all of our friends would be together to witness the big secret.

And no... the secret was not that Melanie was going to have a little Logan of her own... but it was almost as good!

After the BBQ, Josh opened his present from Melanie... and behold... it was a Wii!

Definitely a present better shared with friends. We all played a little Wii Sports and checked out a game called Elebits. Both very cool and interactive.

To Logan though, the best part of the evening was the birthday cake. He wasn't able to stay awake for the Wii festivities. Actually he woke up for awhile to check out what was going on in the living room. He never wants to miss a thing! So before he went to bed, we cut him a tiny piece of birthday cake. It was soft and mushy and mommy and daddy let him squish it between his fingers and smear it all over his high chair. It was a new experience! One that little Logan enjoyed thoroughly. (See picture below for the aftermath).

I bet he can't wait until his first birthday when he'll have his very own cake and his parents will utter the words, "Let him eat cake!" hehehe


Ang said...

That's freakin adorable.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love the video - my first glimpse of Logan in action. And your dad must have been thrilled to spend his birthday with his grandson...