Monday, 27 August 2007

I Spy

Logan is a little spy. He watches us constantly and mimics our actions. It's very cute... but a little scary at the same time.

When we play music and sing or hum along to the tune, Logan watches carefully and hums along also.

When Terry was telling me a story about what happened at work using hand gestures, Logan watched carefully and mimicked the noise and hand movements.

When mommy plays drums on her knees with her hands, Logan watches carefully and starts to "play" mommy's knees too!

He's growing up so fast! Where did my little baby go?!!

We've really gotta watch what we say now. You never know when he'll be ready to say his first word. And we're not known for curbing our language. We only hope that we can keep our mouths under control and his first word will be "mommy," not "%&*^%." hehehe

Anyway, he wants to be just like mommy and daddy right now, so we've bought him his own set of keys to play with. Although I don't ever remember eating my keys. I guess he's gotta put his own personality into them somehow. :)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Didn't I warn you that he'd soon want the keys?!