Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The 7 Month Switch

There is a little known fact in babydom that at about 7 months old, babies turn from sweet little angels into crazy maniacal wiggly monsters. It's called the 7 month switch.

I noticed this the other day when I went out walking with Logan. There are tons of mothers that walk their babies in our neighbourhood. And I'm beginning to tell them apart. The mothers with babies under 7 months are very serene. They are dressed nicely and perky... yes perky is the word I want to use.

This is me and Logan (6 months). Notice how happy and perky I am. Notice how he sits still.

The mothers with babies above 7 months are ... well... frazzled.

They have just about 7 dozen things with them just to go for a walk around the block. These things include:

- Kleenex and baby wipes (baby is not content to sit nicely in the stroller anymore. He must touch everything in his reach, even if it's a thorn bush causing him to bleed or get mucky)
- no less than two sun hats (baby will begin to realize that the sun in not in his eyes and therefore that mommy person must have put a hat on his head. This is unacceptable and he will pull it off and when you're not looking, drop it on the ground)
Sippy cup full of juice (baby will get bored looking at people are cars around him at approximately 20 minutes into the walk and need another distraction)
- blanket (not for sleeping, because a 7 month old baby never sleeps. for blocking the sun from his eyes when he's thrown his hat on the ground for the hundredth time and then cries when it's too bright outside)
- snugly (baby will occasionally scream his head off for no other reason than to get your attention and demand to be carried that rest of the way home. In order to push the stroller, you must use snugly to strap baby to your back)
- mosquito netting (not to protect baby from the insects because he will just pull at the netting anyway, letting every bug known to man inside with him, but as yet another distraction/toy)

And many more things that may help, like Anbesol, cookies etc.

This is me and Logan (7 months). Yes he is grabbing my neck fat and won't sit still. Did I forget to mention that mommies are no longer allowed to eat when and what they want? They gain weight doing that... booooo!

Gone are the days when you could just pack up and go and baby would fall asleep and you could walk peacefully around the neighbourhood at your own pace.

And the moms of these babies. What a sight!
Hair pulled back because baby pulls. Contact lenses put in because baby has pulled the designer glasses off their faces so many times that they are bent and fragile from the strain. Jogging pants or shorts and a t-shirt with carrot juice or whatever other baby food was thrown at you all over the front. One eye on the road to avoid baby being able to reach anything dangerous and one eye on baby in order to catch any hats or toys from being thrown to the ground.

Yipes! And I'm only one month into this. I'll let you know if it ever ends... but somehow I don't think it does ...


Anonymous said...

Oh, it only gets MORE fun, Tawny! You just wait, hee hee! :)

Ang said...

Yeah, it's all just downhill from here. Which is why I like to think of my friend's children as enough children in my life. Thank you for doing all the work for me!