Monday, 30 July 2007

Tawny's Viewing Suggestions I

I am going to try something a bit different in my blog today. Actually it isn't different if you read my friend Chad's blog. I'm totally stealing the idea from him. I'm going to suggest something that I think you all must watch. Well not really...

I just noticed that in Chad's blog, he has left out one key element of entertainment. And that is: Daytime Television. I'm sure he just hasn't thought about it because he's busy working at this time of day, but I'm not. I'm home all day with a little baby and this particular suggestion is the one show that I look forward to every single day. And it isn't Dr. Phil. Chad would probably suggest a game show like The Price is Right, or maybe he's a closet Oprah Fan. I'm going to be bold, and suggest the king of Soap Operas: General Hospital.

I love this show with a passion that is only matched by my love for my family. I'm not kidding! To prove how hardcore I am about it, all you gotta do is look at my myspace page where there are postings of my favourite characters, or see that I'm subscribed to the Spinelli Fans Blog. I watch all the the fan videos. It's wonderful. Or you could talk to poor Terry who has learned every little thing that's happening on GH because I tell him. So tune in during the day on CTV in Canada. Check your local listings for exact time. It's on at 2:00 p.m. in Winnipeg. And I seem to remember it being on at 3:00 p.m. in Lethbridge.

Here are a few of those Fan Videos that I was talking about. If you're not ever going to be a fan of the show, like most of you out there, I tried to pick two of the videos with the best songs so as to provide some entertainment value. Oh yeah, they both contain my favourite character Spinelli (he's the computer nerdy guy). Me loves! :D

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CHADMAC said...

Well, I can't really blame you for stealing. After all, I'm totally awesome.... and I may have blatantly ripped-off ideas from you in the past.

As for daytime TV, you are quite right, I am usually in my office on campus in the afternoon. And even on the rare occasion when I work from home, I usually nerd-it-up and turn on Spike TV's afternoon of Star Trek (TNG and Voyager).

The Price is Right is pretty sweet, although I've always had issues playing it because the prices were never in Canadian dollars. However, I should theoretically be better at it now since I've been in the US for awhile.