Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Canada Day = Teething

As you can see from the photo, Logan is starting his teething and he's none too happy about it. Canada Day weekend was still fun though. On Saturday we went to Canadian Tire to buy some patio furniture. We ended up getting a really cool garden bench that converts into a picnic table. It's so cool! In fact, I'll add a picture, jsut to show you all what a nifty invention it is.

Then on Sunday we went for a walk over to the Forks. All the pictures of Logan are either before the walk or during our time at the Forks. And yes, he doesn't look impressed in any of them. We had some fresh lemonade and saw what there was to be seen. It started raining a little, so we decided to head home for a Bar-B-Que.

It cleared up enough for a Bar-B-Que, but it wasn't dry enough to sit outside and enjoy our new furniture. We had a friend that Terry works with over and had some more Bison Burgers. Nummy. Logan ate sweet potatoes. He loves those things. So far Vegetables 1, Fruit 0. He now refuses to even open his mouth when he realizes we're trying to get bananas in there hahaha

This morning I took the little munchkin for a walk and he started screaming at the top of his lungs (when we were the farthest away from home of course). I peeked into his mouth and noticed two little bumps on his lower gums. Poor kid is busting a few toofies through. It's gonna be a rough few weeks I'm sure!


CHADMAC said...

That's a pretty bad-ass table.

Ang said...

Poor little buddy.