Monday, 30 July 2007

Tawny's Viewing Suggestions I

I am going to try something a bit different in my blog today. Actually it isn't different if you read my friend Chad's blog. I'm totally stealing the idea from him. I'm going to suggest something that I think you all must watch. Well not really...

I just noticed that in Chad's blog, he has left out one key element of entertainment. And that is: Daytime Television. I'm sure he just hasn't thought about it because he's busy working at this time of day, but I'm not. I'm home all day with a little baby and this particular suggestion is the one show that I look forward to every single day. And it isn't Dr. Phil. Chad would probably suggest a game show like The Price is Right, or maybe he's a closet Oprah Fan. I'm going to be bold, and suggest the king of Soap Operas: General Hospital.

I love this show with a passion that is only matched by my love for my family. I'm not kidding! To prove how hardcore I am about it, all you gotta do is look at my myspace page where there are postings of my favourite characters, or see that I'm subscribed to the Spinelli Fans Blog. I watch all the the fan videos. It's wonderful. Or you could talk to poor Terry who has learned every little thing that's happening on GH because I tell him. So tune in during the day on CTV in Canada. Check your local listings for exact time. It's on at 2:00 p.m. in Winnipeg. And I seem to remember it being on at 3:00 p.m. in Lethbridge.

Here are a few of those Fan Videos that I was talking about. If you're not ever going to be a fan of the show, like most of you out there, I tried to pick two of the videos with the best songs so as to provide some entertainment value. Oh yeah, they both contain my favourite character Spinelli (he's the computer nerdy guy). Me loves! :D

Puttin' on the Ritz

King Logan has decided to expand his kingdom. Since it's been near 40 degrees around here for the last couple of weeks, he's decreed that he shall have a pool!

So his loyal subjects, mommy and daddy set one up for him. And all is well in the kingdom once again.

At first we weren't sure if he was going to like his new pool. The water was way colder than in his bath. But that didn't phase him for long. He just made mommy hold him on her lap. That way mommy would freeze her butt off and he would be comfortable.

The pool is in the shade for some of the day, but when it's in the sun, we try to make Logan wear his crown to protect his little head from a sunburn. That doesn't go over well (as you can see from the picture). Although he does like soaking his hat and then putting it on his head.

After we finished our dip in the pool, we had a royal feast! We brought Logan's highchair outside and had a good bit of bar-b-que.

Not a bad way to spend a hot hot hot day!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Team T-Lo at the Kwik-E Mart

Courtesy of the SimpsonizeMe website! Terry did some fancy Gimp work to make us all hanging out at the Kwik-E Mart. Awesome!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Congratulations to my little sister and her boyfriend. They recently got engaged to be married.

Tanj was proposed to in Waterton after climbing a mountain. Apparently, she almost foiled Mark's romantic plans, but it all worked out and was very sweet and caught her completely by surprise. A week later they celebrated 4 years of being together.

According to Tanjie, it will be a long engagement. She's only 21 for heaven's sake hehehe. She told me that she's not sure she's the big wedding kinda girl. And she loves her engagement ring so much that she wants to wear it for awhile.

So congratulations once again on the engagement and the new job little sis. Mark is a good man. And if he isn't, I'll kick his ass for you!

Here are some pictures of the cute couple!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Rebel Yell

Logan is a great kid. He is so well behaved (most of the time) and happy and healthy. I'm a lucky mommy. But sometimes...

You see, I talked to Grandpa Doug (my dad) last night on the phone and he said something that I got to thinking about. He said, "You were a quiet kid and Logan is too." He meant it as a compliment. Now usually, Logan is somewhat quiet. He doesn't make too much noise, unless he's at home and we're provoking him by making a lot f noise ourselves.

But all that has changed this weekend. We went to the mall to get a banana cream pie Blizzard from the Dairy Queen in the food court. It's the only Dairy Queen we can find that still makes that particular kind of Blizzard and it's ooooooooh soooooo gooooood.

Anyway, while we were enjoying our cold treat, Logan was sitting in his stroller drinking out of his sippy cup, playing with Anna Banana and looking at all the people. When we got comfortable and started talking about "adult" things, Logan could see that we weren't paying much attention to him anymore. This did not bode well.

He immediately let out an ear piercing scream. You see, Logan has learned that he is the king. And when his loyal subjects (namely us) are not paying attention to him, something must be done. Banging his hand on the nearest hard surface wasn't working, but a rebel yell works every time.

All the way through the mall and out to the car he decided that screaming at the top of his lungs would be great fun and keep the attention that he was seeking. Good thing he's cute.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Ode to Josh and Mel

Here is a picture of Logan in the t-shirt that his godparents Josh and Mel gave him. Cute eh?

Don't know how true it is though...

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Carrots Incident? (A Beaner Blog)

Today I was pretty sneaky during lunch. We were having carrots, my favourite! So I demanded that they be shoveled into my mouth really fast. I can't get enough of them. I was also moving my arms up and down in approval of this tasty lunch. And mommy wasn't quick enough. I splashed carrots off of the spoon and onto everything! Nice one. I think I deserve at least 10 points for that. It isn't everyday that I'm fast enough to outsmart mommy.

And to make mommy's day even brighter, I stewed up a number two while I was in the highchair hehehe. She loves me. I'm so good to her.

Check out my mess below.

And to make this day even better, I turn 7 months old! Yay for me!

Monday, 9 July 2007


Logan has become an escape artist. He can roll right out of his fishy chair and land with a clunk on the floor. It's a good thing that hasn't happened yet. I've been watching him extra carefully. But the dilemma I was having was what to do with the kid while I was doing laundry. He grew out of his little car seat and he can't sit in the fishy chair without someone watching him every second to catch him when he tumbles out. He isn't able to crawl just yet, although he's getting very good. And sitting is good, but where could I put him in the basement dungeon where he wouldn't hurt himself?

Enter Bumbo! We bought Bumbo at the Babies R Us on the weekend and Logan loves it. It's his own little chair. He can play with all his toys around him and best of all, he can't escape (yet).

Now mommy can do the laundry (yay) and Logan can still hang out with her.

I really oughta make money with all the referrals I've given for various baby gear eh?

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Sappy Stuff

You may be wondering why I'm posting Avril Lavigne Lyrics on my blog?

Well, today I'm feeling very emotional. Last year during this week was the first time I recognized that the fluttering in my belly wasn't just gas, but Logan kicking around in there. We also picked up the keys to our new place (we didn't move of course, because we needed to go to Slayer first! hahaha).

And now I'm thinking that this moment, right here, right now is the most happy I've ever been. Everything is perfect... and believe it or not... this Avril song sums it up better than I could ever express.

Here are the lyrics again for those that don't wanna read the little picture thingy:

Avril Lavigne - Innocence

Waking up I see that everything is OK
The first time in my life and now it's so great
Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed
I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling

This innocence is BRILLiant
I hope that it will stay
This moment is perfect
Please don't go away
I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by

I found a place so safe, not a single tear
The first time in my life and now it's so clear
Feel calm, I belong, I'm so happy here
It's so strong and now I let myself be sincere

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling


It's a state of bliss, you think you're dreaming
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
It's a state of bliss, you think you're dreaming
It's the happiness inside that you're feeling
It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry

It's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry
This innocence is BRILLiant
Makes you wanna cry
This innocence is BRILLiance
Please don't go away
Cause I need you now
And I'll hold on to it
Don't you let it pass you by


***** Those who know me also should know why I bolded where I did. And yes, I am sucking up to the two most important people in my life who have something to do with the bolded part, wink wink *****

Canada Day = Teething

As you can see from the photo, Logan is starting his teething and he's none too happy about it. Canada Day weekend was still fun though. On Saturday we went to Canadian Tire to buy some patio furniture. We ended up getting a really cool garden bench that converts into a picnic table. It's so cool! In fact, I'll add a picture, jsut to show you all what a nifty invention it is.

Then on Sunday we went for a walk over to the Forks. All the pictures of Logan are either before the walk or during our time at the Forks. And yes, he doesn't look impressed in any of them. We had some fresh lemonade and saw what there was to be seen. It started raining a little, so we decided to head home for a Bar-B-Que.

It cleared up enough for a Bar-B-Que, but it wasn't dry enough to sit outside and enjoy our new furniture. We had a friend that Terry works with over and had some more Bison Burgers. Nummy. Logan ate sweet potatoes. He loves those things. So far Vegetables 1, Fruit 0. He now refuses to even open his mouth when he realizes we're trying to get bananas in there hahaha

This morning I took the little munchkin for a walk and he started screaming at the top of his lungs (when we were the farthest away from home of course). I peeked into his mouth and noticed two little bumps on his lower gums. Poor kid is busting a few toofies through. It's gonna be a rough few weeks I'm sure!