Friday, 22 June 2007

Weird Al in Concert

I didn't actually go to the Weird Al concert on Wednesday night. But Terry did and he doesn't want to write about it. So I will.

(First of all, check out that picture at the top. Logan is in the background making some sort of "word to your moms" hands action hehehe.... he's so White and Nerdy too).

Terry had an awesome time. He went with a friend who was a super-fan of Weird Al. Actually, Terry said his whole section on the floor of the MTS Centre were super-fans. Everyone was singing along and having a great time.

The most interesting part of the night according to Terry was this guy in his section who was an obvious Weird Al fan brought his girlfriend along, who obviously wasn't. Every time the crowd got going and singing and enjoying themselves, she would stare them all down. Apparently, that was terribly funny.

Another thing that you might not know about Weird Al. He's his own show. He had no opening act and he's constantly changing outfits and props. So how does he keep the crowd going while he does these diva changes you might ask? Well he plays various clips on a video screen. One from when he was on the Simpsons. The time he took over MuchMusic (actually the several times he took over that station) etc, etc.

So all in all it was a good time. Stay tuned to my friend Josh's blog for more updates about the Weird Al show. He got to see it in the fancy box seats and has promised to write a blog about it :D

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