Thursday, 7 June 2007


As any parent knows, diapers genies claim to keep odors locked away inside the plastic receptacles. And for the most part, they do. But when it's 30 degrees outside, nothing is invincible.

We noticed that last week. Every time we walked into Logan's room... *sniff* ... *sniff* ... PU!

Something needed to be done, and fast.

Today I went to the trusty London Drugs and bought some Febreze. The stuff says it will eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent in any room. Anything is better than the vileness that is Logan's change area. Apparently, it will leave a Rocky Mountain cool scent. Nice!

When I was talking to Terry about the past tense of "Febreze" (used in verb form), I decided that "Febrezed" sounded too boring. Therefore, the house has just been "Febrozen" :D

Awwwwww, my nose thanks me.


Ang said...

Febreze is the greatest thing I've ever discovered. If there's one thing my new place lacks, it's an appropriate place to put General Mauw's PooPing Palace, so it goes into the only closet. Which houses my clothes.

Even though the second greatest thing I've ever discovered is hard at work (odorless kitty litter, awesome!) it does get a little weird in there.

I could totally be in a commercial for that shit.

CHADMAC said...