Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Catch Up

This is going to be a really long, boring blog about the Team T-Lo family. There are a lot of things going on lately and I thought I'd put a mixed bag of stuff in here to catch you all up.

So Logan covered the Red River Ex trip already. I'll start on Sunday. Terry's first Father's Day. It went well. Logan and I had gone out and found perfect cards and a picture frame to put photos of Logan and me in for Terry to bring to work. He was telling us he wanted one of those for a long time. We cooked him breakfast and then hung out with him all day. He got to sleep in even... yay!

On Monday we took Logan to his 6 month well baby appointment. We figured out the mystery of the Pampers diapers while there. We were watching the doctor place an "X" on the chart for Logan's height and weight. He's 19.3 pounds. That "X" landed in the normal curve for babies his age. Then the "X" for his height was all the way in the blue, way above the normal height for babies his age. He's a whopping 28 inches!

Which explains why he jumped up to diapers that were supposed to be way too big for him. We tried 4s, which are for babies 22 pounds and over. These were OK during the day, although they still didn't quite fit high enough and would leak through during the night. So we've switched to 5s during the night for the added absorbency and length (even though they are for kids 35 pounds and up!).

The doctor has said that little Loags can start fruits and veggies now. He is going to love that. He always wants all our food. Sadly, our pediatrician is retiring, so we've got to find another doctor. So, now we're in the process of finding a family doctor in order to keep all our histories in one place.

I told you this blog was going to get boring hehehe

What else? My family is having a reunion this weekend in Lethbridge. I can't go. It's way to much work to bring a little one all the way to Alberta for a few days. Especially because Terry has to work. We're thinking about everyone though. If anyone has a laptop with wireless set up though (and I'm sure there is someone since our family has several geeks in it), I'm always on MSN. I'll turn on the webcam so everyone can see the baby. I'm home almost all day anyway, so just let me know. :D

And that's about it.

Here is a pic of Loags and daddy. He may be a tall baby (I call him "Stretch" now), but he's never gonna catch up with that tree!


CHADMAC said...

Pass on Father's Day wishes to Terry from down in El Paso.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...would one of those 'geeks' be my hubby, LOL? Don't tell him I said that. We'll miss you guys this weekend.

I wish we could put Devin and Logan side by side to compare how big they are. Devin is in the same diapers (4's in the day, 5's at night) and he's almost 14 months old!!

Anonymous said...

Your hubby? Nooooo, not him! hehehe

Yeah, it's totally crazy. The normal curve thingie says that Logan should be 12 months before he reaches 28 inches tall! He's gonna be a basketball player.