Monday, 25 June 2007


This weekend has been filled with all sorts of new things for Logan. On Saturday, we went to the Farmers Market out in St. Norbert. There were tons of babies there and fiddlers! Logan loved being out in the sun, looking at all the people and listening to the music. He's such a happy baby when he's outside in his stroller. His new favourite thing is to eat the stroller (or at least try to).

When we got home, we started him on baby food. The books and doctor said to start out with a sweeter tasting vegetable. Carrots or sweet potatoes. We opted for carrots. And Logan loves them! Check out the picture for proof. That was taken just after his first bite. Messy!

It's bananas next or sweet potatoes.

On Sunday we went to the good ole mall to buy Logan some new hats and swim trunks. We got him a Canada red hat and another Safari-type hat. Pictures to come later. We'll have him wear the Canada one on Canada Day this weekend.

Then we invited our friends Josh and Melanie over to have a bar-b-que with us. We bought some Bison burgers at the Farmers Market to eat. They were yummy! Logan probably wanted a bite of that instead of his carrots, but he still downed all of them and showed his godparents how well he's doing with learning how to crawl. And as a good treat after the bar-b-que, Josh and Mel brought over an ice cream cake. Nummers!

It was a good weekend. Hopefully this Canada Day long weekend is going to be equally as good.


Anonymous said...

Thats one good eater! My boy is growing up..*tear

CHADMAC said...


Man, I'm missing BBBQs in Winnipeg.... not cool.

BTW.....I did it've been tagged: