Wednesday, 23 May 2007

My First Mother's Day Among Other Things

It's about a week and a half late, but let me tell you about my first Mother's Day. It was wonderful. I slept in, then went for a walk with Logan. He had a 2 hour afternoon nap! I think that was his way of giving me a nice present. Terry bought me a card with a baby on top of a pile of diapers on the front. Cute! And he bought me got some cheesecake from Baked Expectations. Yum! It was a great day, even though I still have trouble thinking of myself as "mommy".

Here is a picture that proves it though. Me and baby.

What else has been happening? Not much. Logan is growing out of all his clothes again. He loves his rice cereal, but is having a bit of trouble eating it in his gigantic highchair. He likes to wiggle and he can't move his knees up and down in the chair. Oh well, he can usually make it until one of us is done our meal. Pretty good for a 5 month old.

The election stuff is over. I had most of the blogs I sent in published on the CBC site. I didn't go to the legislature last night because Logan was a little fussy all day and I was so tired. I ended up going to sleep at 8:30 and Terry told me the results when he came to bed. Let's just say, it turned out the way I wanted it to. But there really wasn't much doubt that it would.

Hmm that's all from the Team T-Lo residence lately. Stay tuned ...

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Ang said...

I can't decide which is more adorable; Logan or your hair like that.