Thursday, 3 May 2007

I'm Famous!

Well I'm not actually famous, but it's as close as I'm gonna get.

I was bored last week while watching the news on CBC. Manitoba is having a provincial election campaign right now and they were asking for people to voice their opinions on the most important issues to them.

So I went to the website and filled in the form for something to do. I figured they'd read my thing over the air or something. Instead, they've phoned me up and told me that they want to do periodic updates with me during the campaign and they want me to blog about the election on their website.

How cool is that?

I know that most of you don't actually get the Winnipeg CBC news broadcast and therefore will never see me on TV, but whatever.

I'm famous!

The producer and cameraman came to my house on Tuesday. They filmed a little introduction and then filmed me playing with the baby and stuff. They also made me repeat all sorts of promos. One for CBC News at 6 and one for the website. It was crazy.

The introduction aired last night at 5:00 (Hockey pushed the news to an earlier time slot). It was OK. The 6 people they chose all looked nervous. It's hard to say a 20 second introduction directly to a camera.

I don't have cable, so we watched it on our snow/peasant vision. I look much better when covered in squiggly lines hehehe Very Happy

Anyway, the CBC radio phoned me last night, they want me to speak on their morning show tomorrow morning I think. They will call and if the baby isn't too fussy, then maybe I'll be able to talk for awhile.

They are also filming updates throughout the campaign and invited me, Terry and Logan to the Legislature on election night to give periodic updates as the numbers come in. Crazy eh?

Here is the link to my election blog:


CHADMAC said...

That's crazyness!! I'll be sure to follow your blog for my election updates.... If you happen to run into MLA Jim Rondeau during your election adventures, tell him Chad from Gillam School says hey.

I forgot there was an election coming up..... I should make sure I'm registered, since I think I am still able to vote while living down here.

Congrats on the new-found famousness.... well, pseudo-famousness anyways.


CHADMAC said...

So, I read your first blog and noticed that you used the word "husband." I hate to be pedantic....who am I kidding, I love to be pedantic....but, what's the deal? Unless there was a ceremony recently that I didn't hear about, you're lying to the Manitoba public. For Shame!!

Anonymous said...

There is something in Canada that we like to call Common Law Marriage biotch! (heheh Terry added the biotch part for me)

CHADMAC said...