Thursday, 5 April 2007

Stars and Strollers

Once Terry and I started making enough money to afford a few "extras," we started going to the movies every Saturday afternoon. It was a fun thing that both of us enjoyed very much. When we decided to start a family, we knew that our movie-going days were limited. Or were they?

When I was pregnant we saw a commercial at the St. Vital Silver City about Famous Players' Stars and Strollers. Basically it's a program where parents are allowed to bring their babies to the movies with them on Monday afternoons.

Now that Logan is 4 months old I thought I might try it out. I'd been suffering from serious movie theatre popcorn withdrawal. The good part about it is that they don't just play kid movies. They choose movies that parents would like to watch. For example, Grindhouse is playing next week for Stars and Strollers. The babies are too young to understand the movies anyway.

I went online and found out that two movies were playing. I decided to go to Blades of Glory.

When I arrived at the theatre there were lots of other mommies and daddies there. We all had strollers, diaper bags, slobber cloths, baby toys etc.

I bought my ticket (Logan was free of course). And I got some buttered popcorn and a drink. The girl at the concession asked if I needed any help carrying everything. That was very thoughtful. As I made my way to the theatre I noticed they had set up a baby changing table close to the doors for our convenience. They had people there to help "park" all our strollers and introduce the movie.

It was a wonderful baby-friendly environment. As the movie was playing the lights were only dimmed so I could see Logan and all his baby stuff. The sound was also a little quieter, but not enough to take away from the movie experience. Parents were free to walk around and calm their babies by whispering, and bouncing and whatever else worked. Logan slept through most of the movie. When he woke up, he was so surprised to see a gigantic movie that he was quiet. Once he got comfortable, he decided to start talking very loudly and happily to Will Ferrell hehehe.

It was great to be in an environment full of parents going through the same thing. No one got annoyed when babies were fussy or making poopies or yapping at movie characters.

I had a great time. I am totally going to make this a weekly thing. Terry has this Monday off and I know he's excited about coming with Logan and me to Stars and Strollers. I even got a free pass as I was leaving so we'll only have to pay for one of us. Excellent!

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Star & Strollers = Koolness