Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Mommy's New Toy

Terry has asked me several times what new thing I wanted. I didn't want any clothes (my clothes seem new now because I was in maternity wear for so long). I don't really collect anything. And I am sort of low maintenance, so I don't absolutely need anything.

This frustrated Terry a little because he wanted to get me something new. Something just for mommy. I'd been spending a lot of time buying stuff for the baby or for the house, but not for myself.

I finally broke down. My Mac was secondhand from my dad and was old and slow. So we spent our tax refund on a new computer for mommy.

Here are the new computer specs for those nerds out there:


  • 1GB memory
  • 250GB hard drive1
  • 8x DL SuperDrive
  • ATI Radeon X1600 graphics
And here is a picture from my brand new iSight.

The funny thing is that Terry probably could have made me just as happy with a new sewing machine. But I guess a new computer is more interesting to the computer geek in him, even if it is an Apple.


Anonymous said...

A much needed purchase for my lifemate...sounds like a good move to me. But it is making the place a little fruity..hehehe fruity

CHADMAC said...

Nice....but I'm guessing that Terry died a little on the inside buying a Mac.

CHADMAC said...

BTW....my mind went in a completely different direction when I first read the title for this post.....a completely different and wholly inappropriate direction.