Monday, 23 April 2007

First Feeding

We took Logan to his 4 month well-baby check-up last week. His pediatrician told us that he was ready to try out some rice cereal.

Since Logan stopped sleeping through the night a few nights back, we decided it was a good idea to start him on cereal too. Maybe that would fill him up and we wouldn't be up feeding him at 3:30 in the morning.

So we bought some rice cereal and read the instructions carefully. After all, Logan isn't the only noob around here. Not only does he not know how to eat off of a spoon, but we don't know how to feed him either.

The first try ended with more cereal on the bib than in the baby. Logan is very resistant to change, so the first try ended in crying. But we gave him a bottle and he was fine.

We came up with the ingenious idea to put some of the cereal in his 7:00 pm bottle. That would get him used to the taste and might fill him up so he would sleep through the night.

It worked. He slept from 7:30 last night until 6:30 this morning. Yay!

The second feeding today went much smoother. Logan ate his cereal without too much of a fuss. He only made a few faces and stuck his tongue out once. He downed half a tablespoon. He is getting the hang of it. By the time daddy gets home from Ottawa at the end of the week, Logan will be a pro.

You may have noticed that we don't have a high chair yet. For years we have had a kitchen table, but no chairs for it. We eat all our meals in the living room. Now that Logan is eating, we need to buy table chairs for ourselves as well as a high chair. So, we're working on it. Maybe on the weekend we'll find some we like and actually eat together at the table like a real family.


Anonymous said...

Logan rules! You can eat the cereal you can. Ya Ya!

Thats my Logan eating cereal chant.

CHADMAC said...