Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Baby Free Weekend

Terry noticed that by Friday of last week, I was falling apart. Every joint in my body ached. Even the connections to my toes. I needed a break from the constant bouncing that Logan was demanding.

Being the most excellent daddy ever, he suggested that I have a "baby free" weekend. Now this didn't mean that I'd have to spend the whole weekend away from my little guy. I was just free to come and go as I pleased without worrying about feedings, changings, bouncings, etc.

So, this weekend I got to be Tawny for awhile, not mommy. I left my hair down because it was free from tiny grabby hands. I wore make-up and contact lenses. Both things I don't have time and energy for when I'm mommy.

I got to go shopping with a friend of mine, Melanie. We cruised the mall and even felt like 13 year old girls at the hair accessory store, checking out all the tacky plastic earrings and Avril Lavigne fingerless gloves. We shopped for underwear. I had stretched all mine out while I was pregnant and, for 4 months, I've been reaching my hand down my pants to pull my panties back up. Classy! I totally needed new stuff.

I watched movies and TV and cut out squares for the new quilt I'm making. I didn't have to pick up Logan and carry him around until my joints ached. I didn't have to wake up early to feed him. Although, I admit, I didn't spend some time cuddling and playing with my little guy. I can't help it. Tawny can have her weekend, but mommy needs her baby fix.

Terry got up early with Logan. He played with and bounced and fed Logan. He helped me get back on my feet. My joints feel much better this week.

We got a fancy new bouncer this weekend too. The Fisher-Price Jumperoo. It's just another handy device to keep Logan happy and moving. He can't be in that Jolly Jumper all day, even if he would like it that way.

The pictures are of me on my "baby free" weekend, Terry and Logan bonding while mommy has a break, and Logan drowning in his new Jumperoo.


Terry said...

It is a pretty fancy chair...I believe it makes milkshakes as well. Oh Toys r' us, is there anything that you haven't thought of?

anita said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you had a chance to re-energize.

And, um...can you send Terry out this way for a weekend? How is he with TWO kids?? :)

MilesDeCola said...

Weekends like that are great. Man, after babysitting my baby brother for so long, I need a weekend like that. I'm not a morning person in any way, and I have to wake up early every morning to watch the guy. Still not used to it.