Monday, 30 April 2007


We had the first big parental shake-up this morning. Logan was up most of the night. We weren't sure why since he usually sleeps through the night. But at 8:00 a.m, I found out. I was dressing Logan and was about to put on his socks (My mommy would be proud to know that!). Anyway, I noticed that one of his little toesies was purple and another was red. Yikes!

Somehow during the night, with all of his wiggling, Logan tied a bunch of hair around them, cutting off the circulation. I just about had a heart attack. I couldn't get it untangled all of the way. Although I was pleased that I got one toe back to normal colour and the other was more red than purple.

I called Terry at work for some suggestions. He immediately came home to inspect the situation. We're both noobs at this. We had no idea what to do. I tried picking the hair out from around his toe, but it was so tight that it was impossible to get at.

Logan cried, I cried and vowed to chop off all my hair so that this would never happen again. Terry, seeing that I was very serious and not wanting to see my hair in a pile on the floor, became the voice of reason. "If it wasn't this, it would be something else. Logan would bump his head, skin his knee etc," he told me. It's true, I need to prepare for the inevitable.

Finally we decided that the risk to Logan's precious toes was too much. We drove him to the Children's Hospital Emergency room. What a thing to make the trip for!

The nurses were all really sweet. Apparently this happens quite a bit. They broke out the trusty bottle of Nair (complete with 'Children's Hospital Emergency' written on it with black marker). Can you believe that? I totally wish I would have thought of that. They slathered it on Logan's tootsies and it seems to have done the trick.

Now we're at home and Logan is catching up on much-needed snoozes. His toe is still red, but it will survive until the next mishap at least.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

I Miss My Daddy (A Beaner Blog)

Mommy has let Logan write his own blog today.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on how I'm doing.

I went to the doctor last week and he told me that I'm 16 pounds. I'm such a big boy.

I've been trying out this eating cereal thing. It's way too hard and I fuss and fuss, but whenever I open my mouth to let out a wail of protest, mommy sticks a spoon full of mush in there. Then I gotta push it around in my mouth a bit and then swallow (wouldn't want her to think that I liked this stuff).

I'm also working hard on trying to crawl. I can push myself up on my hands, and I can get my knees moving, but I can't seem to coordinate the two at the same time yet. Dammit! I'll figure it out soon and then I'll take to the open road before mommy or daddy can catch me hahaha.

What else?
Well there is only one thing more. I miss my daddy. He's been in Ottawa this week and I want him to come home. I keep looking in his usual spots, in front of his computer, in his chair, at the entryway that he walks through when he comes home from work. He's nowhere to be found. I miss him a lot... and so does mommy.

Check me out! I'm trying to crawl and slobber over everything all at once!

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Mommy's New Toy

Terry has asked me several times what new thing I wanted. I didn't want any clothes (my clothes seem new now because I was in maternity wear for so long). I don't really collect anything. And I am sort of low maintenance, so I don't absolutely need anything.

This frustrated Terry a little because he wanted to get me something new. Something just for mommy. I'd been spending a lot of time buying stuff for the baby or for the house, but not for myself.

I finally broke down. My Mac was secondhand from my dad and was old and slow. So we spent our tax refund on a new computer for mommy.

Here are the new computer specs for those nerds out there:


  • 1GB memory
  • 250GB hard drive1
  • 8x DL SuperDrive
  • ATI Radeon X1600 graphics
And here is a picture from my brand new iSight.

The funny thing is that Terry probably could have made me just as happy with a new sewing machine. But I guess a new computer is more interesting to the computer geek in him, even if it is an Apple.

Monday, 23 April 2007

First Feeding

We took Logan to his 4 month well-baby check-up last week. His pediatrician told us that he was ready to try out some rice cereal.

Since Logan stopped sleeping through the night a few nights back, we decided it was a good idea to start him on cereal too. Maybe that would fill him up and we wouldn't be up feeding him at 3:30 in the morning.

So we bought some rice cereal and read the instructions carefully. After all, Logan isn't the only noob around here. Not only does he not know how to eat off of a spoon, but we don't know how to feed him either.

The first try ended with more cereal on the bib than in the baby. Logan is very resistant to change, so the first try ended in crying. But we gave him a bottle and he was fine.

We came up with the ingenious idea to put some of the cereal in his 7:00 pm bottle. That would get him used to the taste and might fill him up so he would sleep through the night.

It worked. He slept from 7:30 last night until 6:30 this morning. Yay!

The second feeding today went much smoother. Logan ate his cereal without too much of a fuss. He only made a few faces and stuck his tongue out once. He downed half a tablespoon. He is getting the hang of it. By the time daddy gets home from Ottawa at the end of the week, Logan will be a pro.

You may have noticed that we don't have a high chair yet. For years we have had a kitchen table, but no chairs for it. We eat all our meals in the living room. Now that Logan is eating, we need to buy table chairs for ourselves as well as a high chair. So, we're working on it. Maybe on the weekend we'll find some we like and actually eat together at the table like a real family.