Monday, 19 March 2007


When Terry and I heard that Megadeth was coming to Winnipeg, there was no question that we would go. Even if we now need to find a babysitter to do so. So, last night, that's what we did. We got Logan's godparents Josh and Melanie to watch our little dude and we set out to the show. I thank them so much for sharing their time with Logan. They are wonderful babysitters.

It was the Heaven and Hell Tour 2007. Heaven and Hell being Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio singing for those who don't know (I didn't). Opening for them were Down and Megadeth.

Down was playing when we got there. Phil had cancelled the Edmonton, Calgary and Regina shows before this one due to "strep" throat. Actually, this time I believe him. His voice was more raspy than usual. But have no worries, the Winnipeg fans knew just how to fix him up. By the end of his set, there were so many joints on the stage that Phil was actually throwing some of them back into the crowd. Of course, he pocketed a few of the choice ones to treat his throat later. Phil is one crazy, entertaining, fucked up, mic stand losing, freaky, disaster whom I love.

Next came Megadeth. Those who know me know that Megadeth is my favorite band. And Dave Mustaine did not disappoint.

When we were purchasing tickets, we decided not to get the ones on the floor because I'm too short to see anything. We got our tickets at the pre-sale, so we were just a few feet from the stage. Dave played Sleepwalker (A song from their new CD coming out in May) first and it sounded awesome. It just went uphill from that already high point. My back, neck and throat were in pain by the end. It was totally worth it though. Maybe I shoulda hit Phil up for a "throat" remedy.

Anyway, Megadeth rules the planet and I pledge allegiance to them until the end of time.

And lastly was Heaven and Hell. I admit, I'm not really a fan of Dio Sabbath but I gave it a chance. For such a small dude, Dio can really fill the space. He's got crazy stage presence and a huge voice.

Unfortunately, I was distracted by the two goofs in front of me. The couple came in late and proceeded to harrass the kid in front of them. The kid was rocking out and having a great time. But these two were intent on ruining his fun. They kept asking him to sit down because they were too lazy to get off their asses and stand up (who the fuck sits down at a metal show?) The kid ended up leaving and these two seemed content with themselves. Terry and I almost moved in front of them and rocked out because we wouldn't have been intimidated by these assholes. That poor kid. He was just trying to enjoy a metal show that he paid money to see. And it was all ruined by a couple that would have been more comfortable at the Christina Aguilara/Pussycat Dolls show the night before.

The pictures are of Dio, the crowd, Terry and me after the show and our little metal kid asleep when we got home.

What a night!



Anonymous said...

The annoyance that I felt watching those morons in front of us is still with me today...jerks!

Megadeth's set should've been longer. The show was awesome as always and nothings better than rocking out to the deth with my best friend beside me.


CHADMAC said...

Who the hell sits down at a metal show? (Not that I have personally been to a lot of metal shows.) Although, it stands to reason that one would sit less at a metal show than say a Great Big Sea show.....and trust me there is not much sitting at a Sea show.

Speaking of concerts in Winnipeg....The Mudmen will be playing at Shannon's downtown on March 29th. Makes me wish I was up there next week.

Quality pic of the Metalhead-in-Training!