Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Beginning...

It all started in April of 2001 in a basement on Pembina Highway in Winnipeg. Terry and I (Tawny) had been dating awhile. Our friends decided that we needed to get together one last time before we all went our separate ways for the summer like many university students do.

Chad suggested we go to a pool hall that he knew of to play satellite trivia. Good plan!

So Terry, Chad, Doug, Rejean and I got on a bus in search for Boss Q's on Pembina Highway (it's in the basement of a hotel). We found a table and began to indulge in many spirits. This was the state the waitress found us in when she dropped off our trivia remotes.

These fancy remote things prompted us to enter our "Team" name. Chad, being
slightly tipsy and nerdy all at the same time entered "CMOS" in for his name. Ask him about it. He was terribly amused with himself about it. Something about computers/weather systems... sheesh.

Anyway, Terry and I were equally amused with ourselves. We proudly entered in "Team T."

Well, our trivia game didn't go so well, but Team T has lasted.

Five years later takes us to 2006. Team T is pregnant!

The challenge of choosing a name was before us. We knew the baby was a boy, so our name search was narrowed down. We wanted to con
tinue Team T. We tried out every name that started with "T" that we could think of and none of them worked.

"Logan" was our favorite name and the one that stuck. But now we were faced with an addition to Team T that didn't fit the pattern.

Thus, "Team T-Lo" was born!

Stay tuned to this blog for further adventures of Team T-Lo


Terry said...

Team T-Lo rules! So the legend continues.

Caitlyn said...

Yeah, more bloggin' in the family! Looking forward to the adventures of Team T-Lo. And more cute pix of our l'il cousin Logan!!

Davan said...

Awesome. 'Nerd' must run in our family. :D

CHADMAC said...

CMOS....tee-hee!! That was just the first name for our time. Later we changed it to Posix because we felt that we coudln't go wrong with Posix operating on a CMOS platform.....Okay I'll stop with the nerd references now.

First you get me onto MySpace, and now you do this and make me consider moving my blogs over here......curse you!!

CHADMAC said...

Well, judging from my previous comment, I'm an idiot. Apparently, I like to spell team as "time"