Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A Team T-Lo Christmas

Team T-Lo wishes everyone happy holidays. We certainly had an awesome Christmas this year.

So many things have happened that we need to tell you about.

Logan didn't wish for his two front teeth for Christmas (because he already had them), but he did receive the tooth right next to the top front one. Five teeth in total now. Pretty good!
He also received all sorts of presents from everyone in the known universe it seems. We had quite the pile of stuff to sort through. Thanks to everyone who send gifts, cards, well wishes etc. I will eventually get an email off to each of you with pictures and everything. Just give me time. It's been a hectic bunch of days.

Terry had five days off, which was one of the best presents I could have gotten, since I had time to sit back and relax for awhile. He hasn't taken any time off since Logan was born last year. It was nice to spend time as a family during this break. We even watched that awful, It's a Wonderful Life movie.

On Christmas Day we took the little one out for his first sled ride. He loved it. Well, he didn't love the bundling up part. Hats are his mortal enemy. But once we got outside and started going, he was much happier. He put his mittened hand out to feel the snow piled high on the curb as we went along. Cute! We took a picture of him in a snowbank hehehe

By far the best present I got happened today on Boxing Day. MOMMY WINS THE BET!!!!!
As you might remember from a previous blog, I was losing not so long ago. Things have turned around! Logan climbed my leg today and said, "mum-um-um-um," This was followed shortly by Logan picking up his favourite little yellow friend with black stripes and saying, very proudly, "Bee."

Yay! Now we're working very closely with little Loags and his various "walking" toys. He's going to be running around in a few days is my guess. He likes to do everything all at once, or not at all. I wonder where he gets that from?

*Tawny is currently working on the week-long menu that Terry must present to her, the winner of the bet*

Friday, 14 December 2007

Fun with Statistics!

Okay, so statistics aren't so fun. But they are interesting to me, especially when they have to do with this blog.

So in case any of you are interested, here are some of the stats for The Adventures of Team T-Lo starting on August 1st, 2007:

Total Visitors: 572

Total hits: 997 (almost 1000! Yay me!)

Top visited Blogs: 1) Wolverine 2) Seven Month Switch

And the most interesting stats of all are the searches. People will type anything into Google. The searches that brought people to my little space in the ole interWeb are quite varied.
Here's a taste of some of these searches:

The regular ones:
- six month old baby
- tawny t
- facebook tawny
- team “lo”
- team lo
- Logan tooth

A lot of scared parents looking to see if their babies are normal. I wonder if they should be taking advice from my Blog then?
- First feeding rice cereal
- rice cereal first feeding
- 7 month baby scream
- Of mothers among other things

People seeking entertainment ideas in Winnipeg perhaps?
- silver city st vital mommy and baby
- silver city st. vital stars and strollers
- metal shows in winnipeg
- “bruno and the banana bunch”
- cbc bruno and the banana bunch
- on top of spaghetti alvin and the chipmunks
- “Anna Banana” Facebook

My fault for reviewing Porno Pizza:
- porno canadian
- lo.porno
- hawaiian porno
- Bareback Pizza

The cause and effect set:
- Cause and effect in infants
- cause and effect example for infants
- cause and effect in babies
- cause and effect in infants
- cause and effect for babies

The second runner up for weirdest search ever:
- porno teething
(What the? Do I really want to know what someone was hoping to find with this one?

And finally, the most incredibly odd and disturbing search of all!
(Ack! And it was all in capital letters like that too. You see what happens when I review Porno pizza on the same blog page that I say something about Logan and Terry being alike? Yipes!)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Happy Birthday to Me! (A Beaner Blog)

Hi Everyone Logan here,

I am a big boy now! I have lived a whole year.

My parents threw a party for me last weekend. It was great. My godparents came and all my friends. I don't have any friends my age yet, but the ones who came over were pretty cool. They brought presents and stuff, so that was OK with me.

We had some cake. My name was printed on the top. I wasn't too sure about that candle thingy they put on the top though. Looked like a big fire hazard to me!

Then came the presents! At first, daddy put a big box in front of me and I just looked at it. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? Climb on it?

Then daddy showed me a little tear in the paper. They wanted me to pull it off! Woo Hoo! That made lots of cool noise and mess. And then daddy showed me that there was something in the box. Well that was all right. But I was much more interested in this cool box that I got for my birthday. I got some nice tissue paper and other packaging for presents too!

Actually I got some really cool things that I'm still trying to figure out. Like a set of cars, some blocks, some fridge magnets that sing, some clothes (mommy says that those were her favourite gifts... what a boring gal), some books and some stuffed animals and all sorts of other things. What a haul!

Overall, it was a great birthday! I hope I get some more of these soon. But not too soon, because mommy wants me to be a baby for awhile longer hehehe. ;)

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Tawny's Viewing Suggestions II)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watch it! It's funny and stuff. My favorites are The Gang Goes Jihad and Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare.

Here is a clip of Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare.

Dennis & Dee discover unemployment, but decide welfare is the answer when it runs out. Just one problem...

Oh those crazy crackheads! It's on FX in the States and Showcase in Canada. Although I admit, we got it through nefarious means. The second season is when Danny Devito joins the cast and things start to get really interesting and funny. You can also buy the first and second season on DVD now too. Yay!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

We're Not Above It Either

Angie from Unapologetic Nonsense is not above it. And neither is the Team T-Lo bunch:

Amazon wish list for Terry

Amazon wish list for Tawny and Logan

Christmas present ideas! yay! We'll update whenever the mood strikes us, so stay tuned!

Friday, 30 November 2007


I turned 31 last weekend. Yup, I'm old.

Actually I don't feel that old. I feel lucky. 30 was the best year yet, so here's to 31!

Terry bought me a new sewing machine. It's beautiful. It's my first computerized sewing machine. It even has this foot that you place the button you want in, and it makes the buttonhole all by itself. The perfect size and everything. I don't even have to press the peddle. It can go automatically by pressing one button! I'm so spoiled.

That would be the Brother CS-6000. Bad Ass! For those of you who are nerdy about sewing machines, here as the stats:

  • 100 stitch functions
  • 7 automatic one-step buttonholes
  • Needle stop position mechanism
  • Needle threader
  • 6 point feed-dogs
  • presser foot leveling button
  • Drop feed
  • Free arm
  • Dual LED sewing lamp
  • F.A.S.T bobbin winding system
  • Quick set drop-in bobbin
  • Sexy isn't it?

    Anyway in other news, we fed Logan some chocolate cake. He loved it. The first thing he did when we put the piece in front of him was to put both hands into the cake and squeezed. Ew!!!!
    He didn't realize it was edible for awhile, but once he did, he started shuffling it in. He even got some up his nose! We had to swipe a q-tip up his nose afterwards hehehe. Gotta love it.

    I had a fabulous birthday.

    Friday, 23 November 2007

    Who's Winning?

    I think we've pretty much decided that Logan is going to walk and talk at the same time.

    If that's the case, then who wins the bet?

    Here is some first attempts at talking. Totally awesome eh?

    Yes, Logan is going through my underwear drawers while he's talking. I wasn't going to upload this particular video because of that. But every time I turn the camera on, Logan goes completely crazy and starts screaming. He's a bit of a ham hehehe. So I had to wait until he was too distracted to see that I was sneaking a video. So please feel free to make fun of my granny panties if you must :P

    Monday, 19 November 2007

    First Attempt

    Grandpa Dougie would be proud. The car walking toy that he bought for little Loags is working its magic! Here is Logan's first attempt at walking (with help of course).

    Friday, 16 November 2007

    Logan's Viewing Suggestions II

    Uh oh! Here is a banana! You know what that means?

    Let's go Bananas!!!!!


    Bananas! Bananas!


    Bananas! Bananas!

    I think Mommy has been watching too much Bruno and The Banana Bunch!
    If Logan only knew that the bananas on that show were the same vile weeds he refuses to eat mommy would be a much saner person hehehe

    Friday, 9 November 2007

    Be It Resolved

    Team T-Lo has gotten together and passed a measure to limit the power of the almighty Slurpee. The following resolution serves as notice that Slurpee is to no longer hold any member of Team T-Lo in its evil grasp.


    Whereas: in the past Slurpee has caressed us with its heavenly and intoxicating flavour.

    Whereas: Slurpee has made us addicted and cranky sugar fiends.

    Whereas: Each member of Team T-Lo (with the exception of Lo) has gained a significant amount of weight due to Slurpee's nefarious tricks.

    Be It Resolved, therefore, that no member of Team T-Lo is permitted to drink a Slurpee on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. (exception: if said Monday is part of a long weekend, Slurpee may be permitted if all members are in agreement).

    Be It Resolved that no Slurpee will be had on a weekend unless the following conditions are met:
    - both adult participants of Team T-Lo must be in agreement about buying said Slurpee. (No member of Team T-Lo is permitted to drink a Slurpee alone)
    - The specified Re-fill cups are the only containers in which said Slurpee is allowed to be received into.

    Be It Resolved that all these rules may be dissolved in the event of a "very bad day." The method for invoking this resolve are as follows:
    - One member must have had a "very bad day" in which case that member will call a family caucus to discuss the level of said "very bad day"
    - if it is decided that the "very bad day" is indeed the case, a motion will be passed to revoke all Slurpee resolves
    A "very bad day" will consist of at least 2 of the following conditions:
    - something awful happens at work.
    - something awful happens at home while watching the member of Team T-Lo named Logan.
    - it is raining, snowing, too hot, flooding, excessively windy or any other weather condition that may cause a member of Team T-Lo to become pissed off
    - a certain time of the month comes for the member of Team T-Lo named Tawny and she is in need of serious comfort food in the form of Slurpee
    - there is major computer trouble for the member of Team T-Lo named Terry and he is in need of serious comfort food in the form of Slurpee
    - if any member of Team T-Lo is kept awake for too long by the member named Logan and is in need of a serious caffeine and/or sugar fix in order to function properly.

    Resolved this, the 9th day of November, 2007

    Thursday, 1 November 2007


    Logan is too young to have treats for Halloween, but he was totally into the trick. He got his parents good.

    You see, Logan has been scheming for weeks to turn his parents into Zombies of the worst kind. He started slowly, waking up in the middle of the night and fussing a little. Then he worked up to fussing a little more and refusing to sleep. Finally ending up not sleeping at all for two or three hours during the night and keeping his parents awake the whole time.

    We tried everything. Turning on a light, having him stay up later at night, warming up his room etc. Nothing worked. He wanted us to have no sleep so that we would be Zombies by Halloween. And boy did he succeed! on October 30th, he woke up when i got home form work at 10:00 and stayed up until 2:00 in the morning. We finally gave up and let him sleep in our room so that we would get a few uncomfortable winks.

    On Halloween, even though it was night of the living dead at the Team T-Lo house, we still managed to stay awake and hand candies out to the little kiddies. We even tricked Logan back by making him wear his Aviator costume while we took pictures. The picture below is Logan the Red Baron with his goggle hat. He hates that hat and tried to pull it off the entire time we were taking pictures hehehe

    Halloween night was exciting enough to keep Logan up until 8:00 before he was falling asleep on the floor. So we got him ready for bed and figured he would be up to his old tricks again. But we had one last little Halloween trick up our sleeves. You see, mommy was busy sewing ties onto Logan's puffy quilt while daddy was handing out candy. We tied the quilt down in his crib. The back of Logan's head has been a sore spot in the bath, against the high chair and in his blanketless crib for awhile now. The joys of teething molars.

    We shut our door and shut off all the lights and got ready for bed. by 8:30 mommy, daddy and baby were fast asleep in our beds. I woke up at 5:30 this morning when Terry's alarm went off. Logan has slept through the night for the first time in weeks! His Halloween trick was over (or at least halted for one night). He eventually woke up at 7:00. Aaaahhhhhh sweet sleep! Below is another picture of our beautiful baby without the hat. He's much happier.

    Wednesday, 17 October 2007

    The Great Pumpkin

    Well it's officially autumn out there. Our neighbour was nice enough to rake all the leaves in our shared front yard and create too big piles on the boulevard. And what did we do to thank him for his kindness?

    Yes, we got Logan dressed up in his fall finest and plopped him down in the middle of one of the piles. Cute!

    He quite enjoyed his little romp through the leaves, and he didn't even try to eat them. After he was done his lesson on leaves, he helped us put them into a big orange pumpkin bag. We put it on our front step for Halloween decoration. Below is a picture of Logan sitting beside that huge pumpkin. He's still so small no matter how many times people tell us that he's super tall.

    The whole thing kind of reminded me of Linus sitting in the pumpkin patch waiting for the "Great Pumpkin" to arrive to bring all the kids presents on Halloween. Maybe that is what Logan will do this Halloween since he's not old enough to go Trick or Treating yet hehehe.

    Sunday, 7 October 2007

    Stair Master!

    My baby can crawl up the stairs! The memory card on my camera died before he got to the top though :(

    There are 16 stairs for heaven's sake! I'm surprised he didn't stop to have a nap in the middle hehehe

    Check out the video below:

    Friday, 5 October 2007

    ...Then Comes Marriage...

    First comes love, then comes marriage....

    Or so the story goes. I just don't think that little scenario works very well nowadays. Or at least not for us... and almost everyone around us.

    I'll admit, marriage is the least of our priorities lately. According the Canadian government, Terry and I are as good as married anyway. And that suits us just fine. Actually, a lot of people seem to be thinking in the same way as we are this year. The census came out and for the first time ever, there were more single people living in Canada than married people.

    Data from the CBC:

    The data shows 51.5 per cent of people over age 15 were unmarried in 2006, marking the first time married people have been outnumbered in the census, which began nationally in 1871.

    In the last census, in 2001, 49.9 per cent were unmarried.

    I see that trend wherever I go lately. It's actually kind of funny because Terry and I both thought that we were going to get a bunch of the "When are you getting married?" questions after we announced that we were having Logan. Only one person raised the question. And this I had to hear secondhand from Terry's mom who was asked if we were getting married after sharing the news of her new grandson's imminent arrival. It was a bit of a surprise to say the least.

    But knowing our friends, of course that question wasn't even in their minds. Logan's godparents have been together for nearly as long as Terry and I have been and they have no immediate plans to rush down the aisle (at least as far as I know!) My brother and his girlfriend are quite comfortable sharing their lives without getting the old blood tests and marriage certificates. And there is always the most obvious one, Terry's parents have been together for decades and there isn't a wedding bell in sight. It would seem that in our lives, marriage is an old fashioned concept.

    To be fair, all the examples above could in fact tie the knot in the future and it would be a joyous occasion. But the thing is, they don't have to and that's what makes me ask this question:

    In today's society, why get married at all?

    Damn, doesn't that sound like one of those questions in the Sex and the City column... yikes... I totally didn't mean for it to come off that way.

    Who the hell knows the answer to that question?! I'm sure there are plenty of reasons... showing your love for each other in a public forum, religious commitments, etc. But so far, the only reason I can think of as to why I would want to get married is because I want to have the same last name as my child... oh yeah ... and Terry too hehehe. Not quite a ringing endorsement eh?

    So for now, we'll wait at lest until Logan is old enough to witness it and I think of a better reason to go through with it in the first place.

    Wednesday, 3 October 2007

    First Comes Love...

    There comes a time in every blog where the subject turns to Love. I've danced around the subject of course. There is tons of love in the Team T-Lo family. But I've never really discussed it in detail.

    Being in love is a bit of a strange prospect. When I met Terry, I never would have imagined that I would have chosen him (not that he wasn't a catch!). But love never goes the way you imagine it in your head anyway. It always turns out waaaaaay better.

    I guess that to be truly in love is a balancing act. Terry and I have very similar personalities, yet we have enough differences to make it interesting. We never run out of things to say to each other. Just ask anyone who tries to phone us when Terry is away from home. They won't get through because Terry and I blabber to each other all night!

    Anyway, I want Logan to know that his parents are very much in love and in it for the long haul. We may not be married (yet), but we are committed and extremely happy to have such a wonderful family. Our 7 year anniversary is coming up this month on the 27th and I think we'll spend it with our little family addition to let him know that he's welcomed and a part of something great. Because not just anyone gets to be a part of Team T-Lo!

    This is Terry and me at my grad in 2003. We were in love back then and we're in love now and forever!

    Friday, 28 September 2007


    You may remember that I mentioned in a previous blog that Terry and I have a bet going about whether Logan will talk or walk first. As you can see from the picture below, I'm losing.

    Look at that sneaky little baby! He's figured out how to lift himself up on things. His favourites are climbing the coffee table, the bath tub and the bed. What a smart little monkey! And what a trouble maker. He likes to climb up on anything he can find whenever his parents aren't looking. He's still wobbly and unsure about what to do next, but he's got the climbing and the "getting things he's not supposed to have" thing down. Notice how he has the remote, which is normally off limits, in his hands in the picture. I think he was going for the Slurpee, but the remote distracted him hehehe.

    Anyway, there have been no attempts at walking yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time though. He still has to figure out what his feet are doing before that happens. However, it would appear that I'm losing the bet. But have no fear those who are on my side, I've been working tirelessly to get him to say something and we have progress on that front too. He's been very vocal this week now that his cold is done and he feels a little better. yay!

    Friday, 21 September 2007

    Logan's Viewing Suggestions I (The Save-Ums)

    Logan doesn't have the attention span yet for watching TV. He mostly pays attention to short commercials and a little bit to the opening/closing theme songs for shows. But one day I turned on the TV at 9:30 in the morning. I was about to switch it so that I could play one of my shows from Terry's computer. The TV was left on CBC and CBC Kids was on. Logan started making cute little baby noises and I noticed he was actually watching the TV. He was moving his arms around in the air and became very excited. The show that was playing was called The Save-Ums.

    So if that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is!

    Now everyday at 9:30 if we're at home, I turn on The Save-Ums and Logan sits still for 10 minutes and watches. The show is only about ten minutes long, which is perfect for little people with short attention spans.

    The shows centres about a bunch of cute characters (Logan's favourites are Foo and the Puffs). They have cool technological gadgets that help them solve problems for people. Their motto is "Small is powerful!!" So far we've watched them help wash a baby dinosaur and help that same baby dinosaur brush his tooth. We've seen them rescue the Silly Sammies flowers from a rock that was on top of them, preventing them from blooming. We've even seen them figure out how to get the crabs down from a wayward helium balloon.

    They always use basic physics or simple solutions to problems to show that even little kids can figure out big problems and be heroes. Very cute and educational. Although I think Logan is mostly interested in the bright colours, the singing and the childlike voices.

    Check out a few of their websites:
    The Official Save-Ums Website
    The CBC Kids Save-Ums Website

    Wednesday, 19 September 2007

    To Work With You Mommy

    On Monday I went back to work after being on Maternity Leave for ten months. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do.

    I mean, the work wasn't all that hard. I like my job and fit right back into the flow of things easily. But leaving my baby was brutal. I cried all the way there. I WAS the baby that night. And I shouldn't complain. It's not like I had to leave Logan in daycare. I am only working three nights a week. Logan stays with Terry at home while I go off to work. It's a really good schedule for us actually. It gives us a bit more income without having to send our little guy off to daycare just yet.

    But I'm still all silly about leaving him. And to top things off this week, Logan has his first cold this week. Boo :(

    He has been stuffed up for two days now. Poor little guy is just learning how to sleep with his mouth open so that he can breathe. Of course, he doesn't sleep that much. Last night I got home from work at 10:00 and he was still awake. He eventually exhausted himself and fell asleep at 1:30 in the morning, waking up at 5:00 am for more milk.

    Hopefully this is short lived and he gets better soon. He's not a happy camper right now and that makes mommy have double anxiety about leaving him to go to work.

    All you can do for a cold is get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. That's what we're trying to do with Logan (even though the rest part has eluded him). I guess we'll have to settle with a baby that plays a little less than usual. But at least he can keep up on his reading hehehe (check out the picture to the left for Logan's idea of good reading).

    Wednesday, 12 September 2007

    A Visit With Gramps

    My dad and Shai came for a visit last weekend also. It was a big weekend for Logan. A birthday party for Josh and a visit from Grandpa. And with true grandparents style, they spoiled the little one rotten. Logan got a new train and some sports equipment (I guess we weren't giving him enough "boy" toys to play with). And his favorite toy... his very own car complete with gas tank and gear shift! The car transforms into a push toy when he grows and decides to learn how to walk. Pretty cool!

    Shai said that if grandpa had his way, Logan would have a bunch of cars meant for three year olds. Oh all the new toys to play with. But no worries, Logan got some practical things too. He has three new blanket sleepers for when the nights get colder.

    We went out for breakfast twice and Logan of course showed grandpa that he was a well-behaved little boy. I seems that only when mommy and daddy are watching him alone is when he acts up. He's a prefect child when someone else is watching. Hehehe. Oh well, I think he made a good impression on his grandpa. I have a feeling that he's going to get spoiled all over again for his first birthday and Christmas in December.

    All in all, it was a good weekend to celebrate his 9 month old milestone.

    Note: Thanks for our friend Rejean who took a video of Logan trying his first piece of birthday bake. I added it to the previous blog a little late, so if you missed it, check it out here.

    Monday, 10 September 2007

    Let Him Eat Cake!

    Logan's Godfather and Grandpa both had birthdays on the weekend. We had a BBQ to celebrate.

    The BBQ was a bit of a surprise party for Josh (the Godfather). You see, Melanie (the Godmother) phoned us several weeks ago and told us that she had a birthday surprise for Josh. This particular surprise would be best shared with friends. So a BBQ was arranged so that all of our friends would be together to witness the big secret.

    And no... the secret was not that Melanie was going to have a little Logan of her own... but it was almost as good!

    After the BBQ, Josh opened his present from Melanie... and behold... it was a Wii!

    Definitely a present better shared with friends. We all played a little Wii Sports and checked out a game called Elebits. Both very cool and interactive.

    To Logan though, the best part of the evening was the birthday cake. He wasn't able to stay awake for the Wii festivities. Actually he woke up for awhile to check out what was going on in the living room. He never wants to miss a thing! So before he went to bed, we cut him a tiny piece of birthday cake. It was soft and mushy and mommy and daddy let him squish it between his fingers and smear it all over his high chair. It was a new experience! One that little Logan enjoyed thoroughly. (See picture below for the aftermath).

    I bet he can't wait until his first birthday when he'll have his very own cake and his parents will utter the words, "Let him eat cake!" hehehe

    Tuesday, 4 September 2007

    Pregnancy Tests and Mini Wheats

    You may also call this blog: "Tawny's Viewing Suggestions II."


    Most people hate them. I, in fact, love them. When they're done right of course.

    Since we mostly download everything we watch, we don't have a chance to catch all that "the commercial" has to offer. But, during the day I watch Soaps and get to see all the latest offerings in advertising.

    In the afternoon during General Hospital, there is a very limited demographic. Commercials are basically aimed at stay-at-home mommies like myself. Lots of diapers, baby food, women's products, and cleaners are displayed for our product-buying pleasure.

    Terry teases me a lot because I pay close attention to commercials. Often he has asked me what product he should buy between two of the same thing. I always pick the product with the best commercial. You see, advertising does work! Sometimes... (Terry just shakes his head and demands that I make an educated decision rather than spewing out some advertisement).

    Anyway, here are a few worth watching:

    My favourite:

    The most sophisticated piece of technology you will ever pee on! hahahahahahaha
    Terry can't even deny the genius of this commercial.

    Logan's favourite:

    If you sing the song in this commercial to Logan, he will instantly stop fussing and start humming along to the tune. Awesome... just awesome!

    I Think He's Turning Japanese (I Really Think So)

    OK, so I wanted to say that I think Terry is turning Chinese, but I couldn't think of a clever title. So Japanese will have to do.

    I guess I should explain. You see... we've recently come to the conclusion that our eating habits, although fine for us, aren't really good for a growing child. Logan will be eating "real" food in a few months and we're not prepared!

    We decided to take action and improve our culinary skills. So, on Sundays, Terry gets to make something new, and on Wednesdays, I make something new. It's been going well. Last Sunday, Terry made Apple/BBQ ribs. On Wednesday, I made a pretty decent Chicken Curry. But last night (I know it was Monday night, but because of the holiday, we mixed up our days a little), we had the best meal yet.

    Continuing with our Eastern theme, Terry made Sweet and Sour Pork. It was soooooo delicious. My grandfather (an amazing chef) somehow blessed Terry with Asian cooking skills and infused him with a Chinese spirit. The pork was so tender it almost melted in my mouth and the sweet and sour sauce tasted just like I remembered it when I was a kid.


    Of course, Terry had a little help. We went shopping for a cookbook awhile back and it contained the recipe. Do you remember this old stand-by?

    The Joy of Cooking! It's our new bible. I'll keep you updated about how our culinary adventure is going. Hopefully, we'll increase our dinner ideas enough to keep a growing child interested. Anything is better than repeatedly making meatloaf and hamburger helper I guess.

    Friday, 31 August 2007

    Wild 'N Out

    Last night Logan was up at 1:00 in the morning. I turned on the TV to catch the end of the Colbert Report, and then left it on while the next show started. It was called Wild 'N Out.

    My first guess was that CTV finally broke down and was airing hardcore gay porn in the middle of the night. But no... sadly, that would have been more intellectually stimulating that this show was. I mistakenly thought the "N" part of the show, meant "And." While watching, I learned that it might mean "ing" as in "Wild-ing." Who knows?

    This show was so far out of my realm of knowledge that I felt like I entered the twilight zone.

    You see, it is produced by MTV and it has a host named Nick Cannon. Apparently, Nick Cannon is a rapper and actor and comedian (man of all trades). He has been in a few movies I've heard of including: Men in Black II and Shall We Dance. Anyway, Wild 'N Out is like Whose Line is it Anyway, only way more raunchy and crazy. There is a crazy audience in the background screaming their heads off and laughing at everything (even when it isn't particularly funny). They look like they are going to pass out form the hilarity. There are fly girls dancing around and a DJ. All I can say is that if you've never seen it, you gotta get a load of this:

    The show has two teams, the red and black team. They compete in various improv games. I especially enjoyed the last game of the evening on the particular episode I caught. It was called "Trash Talk." Each team was challenged with trash talking the other team. They got points for each "burn" they got off of each other. Trash talk involving bad breath is still a classic that works, but snaps about needing a nose job failed miserably.

    Terry was up with me and we both tried to figure out the target demographic for this show. First, Terry suggested that it looked like a kids show that 50Cent thought up. Maybe? But there weren't any kids in the audience and the language was a little filthy for that demographic. The audience is primarily made up of young, urban, probably single people. I must be far from the pulse of the society, because I could not understand why anyone would want to watch this.

    Although, I admit, it was like a train wreck. Terry and I couldn't look away. Incidentally, Logan fell asleep half way through, so the kids show guess was a bust. He wasn't interested at all.

    And I learned a new word! "Smitches." I looked it up on Urban Dictionary:

    3 thumbs up

    a term of endearment. Originally from the new york slang meaning ladies' genital area, now (rhyming with bitch), it is a term of endearment for one's own 'bitch'

    Hey there smitch/smitchbag/smitchface, how are you?

    OH! And the best part was the guy who was leading the black team last night. I wanted to call him Swizzlesticks... but his actual name was Swizz Beatz. Haha. Methinks they are running out of rapper names. Logan has a better rapper name than that... Lo-B of course!

    So to all my smitches out there... you better watch out or I'll get all up in your biznatch! Laterz!

    Thursday, 30 August 2007

    The Hand That Feeds

    Will you bite the hand that feeds?
    Will you chew until it bleeds?
    Can you get up off your knees?

    Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) - The Hand That Feeds

    Uh Oh! Here comes SeƱor Fussypants with his mad biting skillz. Dum Dum Duhhhhhhh!!!!!

    We're all dooooooooomed!

    Ok... so he looks harmless.... but watch out! He'll chew you 'til you bleed!!!

    Wednesday, 29 August 2007

    Tooth Aches

    My poor baby! Logan has been suffering and suffering and suffering with this teething thing. (Incidentally, I just figured out what "long suffering" looks like. Take a look at the picture below. Those swollen cheeks, that sad little child gumming his sore mouth).

    Anyway, all this crying and waking up in the middle of the night and biting everything in sight and drooling everywhere has finally come to something. Logan has a toofy!

    Actually, he has two teeth (as I found out when he bit me this morning). The precious book on baby's first year told us that it is usually the top front teeth the come in first and then the bottom front teeth. As usual, Logan has to do everything ass backwards. He grew his two bottom teeth first. Just like he was supposed to learn how to roll from his tummy onto his back before learning to roll onto his tummy from his back. And just like he was supposed to learn how to get to a sitting position before he would learn to crawl. He did those backwards too.

    I'll be working this week on taking pictures of these elusive teeth, but so far I've had no luck. Logan won't open his mouth for anyone unless he's screaming his suffering little head off (and that's just a heartbreaking picture that I don't need to push on you). So be patient and he'll be smiling a big grim in no time!

    Monday, 27 August 2007

    I Spy

    Logan is a little spy. He watches us constantly and mimics our actions. It's very cute... but a little scary at the same time.

    When we play music and sing or hum along to the tune, Logan watches carefully and hums along also.

    When Terry was telling me a story about what happened at work using hand gestures, Logan watched carefully and mimicked the noise and hand movements.

    When mommy plays drums on her knees with her hands, Logan watches carefully and starts to "play" mommy's knees too!

    He's growing up so fast! Where did my little baby go?!!

    We've really gotta watch what we say now. You never know when he'll be ready to say his first word. And we're not known for curbing our language. We only hope that we can keep our mouths under control and his first word will be "mommy," not "%&*^%." hehehe

    Anyway, he wants to be just like mommy and daddy right now, so we've bought him his own set of keys to play with. Although I don't ever remember eating my keys. I guess he's gotta put his own personality into them somehow. :)

    Wednesday, 22 August 2007

    On Top of Spaghetti

    When you're a mommy it seems that you can pull song lyrics from your childhood out of the deep, dark recesses of your mind when in a pinch. I discovered this today when Logan was having his, now typical, morning teething attack. In order to distract him from the obvious pain, I like to sing at the top of my lungs. This confuses the little one enough for him to stop crying and curiously watch me for awhile.

    My song lyrics knowledge is limited when it comes to appropriate songs to sing to a child. Somehow I don't think Pantera or Megadeth would go over well. And Logan is bored of my Shania Twain and Keith Urban montages.

    So, out of the blue, I remembered a wonderful song I used to sing when I was small. "On Top of Spaghetti." I'm sure some of you will remember this little ditty. But for those who need a refresher, I will post it below:

    On top of spaghetti,
    All covered with cheese,
    I lost my poor meatball
    When somebody sneezed.

    It rolled off the table
    And onto the floor,
    And then my poor meatball
    Rolled right out the door!

    It rolled in a garden
    And under a bush
    Now my poor meatball
    Was nothing but mush

    The mush was as tasty
    As tasty could be
    Early next summer
    It grew into a tree

    The tree was all covered
    With beautiful moss
    It grew lovely meatballs
    In a tomato sauce

    So if you like spaghetti
    All covered with cheese
    Hold on to your meatballs

    A-A-A-CHOO !!

    I didn't remember the whole song. I got up to the part about the mush. Come to think of it though, I don't remember ever having learned the rest of the song when I was little either. Anyway, Logan loved it! He even hummed along with me as I sang.

    Which leads me to the second part of my blog which involves a bet that Terry and I have wagered. We were consulting our baby's first year book and it said that babies learn to talk and to walk around the same time (a year). It all depends on what they want to learn first.

    I say Logan will learn to talk first, and Terry (just to be argumentative and make things fun) says he will learn to walk first. Whoever loses has to cook dinner for the family for a week straight.

    Why do I think Logan will talk first you may ask? Well, I've been watching him closely and noticed that when he wants to wake us or get us to do anything, he goes for our mouths. He is always trying to get us to talk and then he knows we're awake. I've read that most babies will go for the eyes to make sure their parents are paying attention.

    Second, as I mentioned above, he hums along to songs that we are singing. It's like he wants to sing along with us, but isn't sure of the words. So cute.

    He also recognizes a lot of words already: Logan, milk, lunch, bath are among his favourites.

    All the beginnings are there. Let's hope he keeps going. I want to win this one! hehehe

    Friday, 17 August 2007

    Pucker Up

    Kisses from Team T-Lo.

    We haven't changed much from our last family portrait (the one featured at the top of this blog). But we are just too cute not to share the latest masterpiece.

    Love you all!

    Sunday, 12 August 2007

    He's Mobile!

    Logan is 8 months old and looky... he can crawl! Pretty good eh?

    Wednesday, 8 August 2007

    The 7 Month Switch

    There is a little known fact in babydom that at about 7 months old, babies turn from sweet little angels into crazy maniacal wiggly monsters. It's called the 7 month switch.

    I noticed this the other day when I went out walking with Logan. There are tons of mothers that walk their babies in our neighbourhood. And I'm beginning to tell them apart. The mothers with babies under 7 months are very serene. They are dressed nicely and perky... yes perky is the word I want to use.

    This is me and Logan (6 months). Notice how happy and perky I am. Notice how he sits still.

    The mothers with babies above 7 months are ... well... frazzled.

    They have just about 7 dozen things with them just to go for a walk around the block. These things include:

    - Kleenex and baby wipes (baby is not content to sit nicely in the stroller anymore. He must touch everything in his reach, even if it's a thorn bush causing him to bleed or get mucky)
    - no less than two sun hats (baby will begin to realize that the sun in not in his eyes and therefore that mommy person must have put a hat on his head. This is unacceptable and he will pull it off and when you're not looking, drop it on the ground)
    Sippy cup full of juice (baby will get bored looking at people are cars around him at approximately 20 minutes into the walk and need another distraction)
    - blanket (not for sleeping, because a 7 month old baby never sleeps. for blocking the sun from his eyes when he's thrown his hat on the ground for the hundredth time and then cries when it's too bright outside)
    - snugly (baby will occasionally scream his head off for no other reason than to get your attention and demand to be carried that rest of the way home. In order to push the stroller, you must use snugly to strap baby to your back)
    - mosquito netting (not to protect baby from the insects because he will just pull at the netting anyway, letting every bug known to man inside with him, but as yet another distraction/toy)

    And many more things that may help, like Anbesol, cookies etc.

    This is me and Logan (7 months). Yes he is grabbing my neck fat and won't sit still. Did I forget to mention that mommies are no longer allowed to eat when and what they want? They gain weight doing that... booooo!

    Gone are the days when you could just pack up and go and baby would fall asleep and you could walk peacefully around the neighbourhood at your own pace.

    And the moms of these babies. What a sight!
    Hair pulled back because baby pulls. Contact lenses put in because baby has pulled the designer glasses off their faces so many times that they are bent and fragile from the strain. Jogging pants or shorts and a t-shirt with carrot juice or whatever other baby food was thrown at you all over the front. One eye on the road to avoid baby being able to reach anything dangerous and one eye on baby in order to catch any hats or toys from being thrown to the ground.

    Yipes! And I'm only one month into this. I'll let you know if it ever ends... but somehow I don't think it does ...

    Monday, 6 August 2007

    Bumbo Hacked!

    Breaking News! This just in:

    Logan has figured out how to get out of Bumbo. He is a sneaky little bugger. He stretches way out until he's almost falling out of the chair. Then he rolls right out onto his stomach. He's way too smart for his own good.

    Mommy and daddy have got to keep a close eye on him. Next he'll get out of the high chair. He's already close in the stroller. He has already figured how to kick the button that releases the front tray. Good thing he is always strapped in.

    Monday, 30 July 2007

    Tawny's Viewing Suggestions I

    I am going to try something a bit different in my blog today. Actually it isn't different if you read my friend Chad's blog. I'm totally stealing the idea from him. I'm going to suggest something that I think you all must watch. Well not really...

    I just noticed that in Chad's blog, he has left out one key element of entertainment. And that is: Daytime Television. I'm sure he just hasn't thought about it because he's busy working at this time of day, but I'm not. I'm home all day with a little baby and this particular suggestion is the one show that I look forward to every single day. And it isn't Dr. Phil. Chad would probably suggest a game show like The Price is Right, or maybe he's a closet Oprah Fan. I'm going to be bold, and suggest the king of Soap Operas: General Hospital.

    I love this show with a passion that is only matched by my love for my family. I'm not kidding! To prove how hardcore I am about it, all you gotta do is look at my myspace page where there are postings of my favourite characters, or see that I'm subscribed to the Spinelli Fans Blog. I watch all the the fan videos. It's wonderful. Or you could talk to poor Terry who has learned every little thing that's happening on GH because I tell him. So tune in during the day on CTV in Canada. Check your local listings for exact time. It's on at 2:00 p.m. in Winnipeg. And I seem to remember it being on at 3:00 p.m. in Lethbridge.

    Here are a few of those Fan Videos that I was talking about. If you're not ever going to be a fan of the show, like most of you out there, I tried to pick two of the videos with the best songs so as to provide some entertainment value. Oh yeah, they both contain my favourite character Spinelli (he's the computer nerdy guy). Me loves! :D

    Puttin' on the Ritz

    King Logan has decided to expand his kingdom. Since it's been near 40 degrees around here for the last couple of weeks, he's decreed that he shall have a pool!

    So his loyal subjects, mommy and daddy set one up for him. And all is well in the kingdom once again.

    At first we weren't sure if he was going to like his new pool. The water was way colder than in his bath. But that didn't phase him for long. He just made mommy hold him on her lap. That way mommy would freeze her butt off and he would be comfortable.

    The pool is in the shade for some of the day, but when it's in the sun, we try to make Logan wear his crown to protect his little head from a sunburn. That doesn't go over well (as you can see from the picture). Although he does like soaking his hat and then putting it on his head.

    After we finished our dip in the pool, we had a royal feast! We brought Logan's highchair outside and had a good bit of bar-b-que.

    Not a bad way to spend a hot hot hot day!

    Sunday, 29 July 2007

    Team T-Lo at the Kwik-E Mart

    Courtesy of the SimpsonizeMe website! Terry did some fancy Gimp work to make us all hanging out at the Kwik-E Mart. Awesome!

    Tuesday, 24 July 2007


    Congratulations to my little sister and her boyfriend. They recently got engaged to be married.

    Tanj was proposed to in Waterton after climbing a mountain. Apparently, she almost foiled Mark's romantic plans, but it all worked out and was very sweet and caught her completely by surprise. A week later they celebrated 4 years of being together.

    According to Tanjie, it will be a long engagement. She's only 21 for heaven's sake hehehe. She told me that she's not sure she's the big wedding kinda girl. And she loves her engagement ring so much that she wants to wear it for awhile.

    So congratulations once again on the engagement and the new job little sis. Mark is a good man. And if he isn't, I'll kick his ass for you!

    Here are some pictures of the cute couple!