Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Iron Craft #20: Monsters and Mummies and Ghouls Oh My!

This week's challenge:

"October is creeping up on us and that means it’s time to get creepy! So, get your Halloween on for this challenge. You can do decor, a costume or even a treat." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

All I have to say is thank goodness it was Thanksgiving long weekend up here in Canada this past weekend. It gave me plenty of time to get started on the kids costumes.

I must have skimmed the description of this challenge a little too quickly because I had it in my head that the challenge wanted something creepy and not just Halloween.

Anyhoo, I started with the creepier of the kids' costumes because of this reason when I really didn't have to. And then the costume turned out more adorable than creepy so it was all for not.

As you have probably already read several times on either my Facebook or this blog, my son is obsessed with Minecraft. Isn't everyone's kid?

So he decided that he was going to be a Minecraft Creeper for Halloween. Cool! But here's the catch - he refuses to wear a box on his head or have any sort of stiffeners in his costume. Gah! How on earth will I pull off a blocky costume without any stiffeners? Logan even pointed out that I can't cover cardboard with fabric to get the effect either. Only soft and comfortable. EEPS!

So I began with the fleecy pants.

Oh and did I mention that he didn't want me to patchwork the colours on this costume to get the effect of the Minecraft blockiness? I barely convinced him to let me do the knee patches with a few blocks. Logan is a very practical boy. Last year with his Ash Ketchum costume I had to make him a coat that he could really wear after Halloween (in fact, he still wears that coat almost every day). So I'm guessing this is the case again this year. He wants something that he can wear as regular clothes after Halloween. Although I think these pants might be defined as pajama pants after trick or treating is over.

Then I moved onto the hoodie....

Again, I added the patchwork blocks at the elbows for effect. Logan can wear this hoodie as a regular hoodie so he was very pleased about that.

The design of the blocky head was plaguing me so I decided to put the only cardboard I was allowed into a candy catcher. 

Creepers are known for blowing themselves (and sometimes you) up. So a TNT block (candy bag) was the perfect thing. It's amazing what you can make with empty toilet paper rolls, paint, and a hot glue gun isn't it?

Then came the Creeper head. What to do? What to do? This is what i eventually came up with.

 A semi-blocky fleece Creeper hat. Logan is pleased, although he wouldn't stop playing video games long enough to model it after i made it. Sheesh.

And here is the entire costume in full effect:

What was meant to be Creeper Creepy, ended up being Creeper adorable! But don't tell Logan that... I think he thinks he's going to be the creepiest Creeper of them all this Halloween.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Iron Craft #19: Mulligan

This week's challenge:

"This week we give you a chance to revisit any of the past Iron Craft challenges from this year. Do a challenge you skipped or perhaps there was a challenge you had more than one idea for. We can all use a do over every now and then right!" (Courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

I had a pile of ideas for the "So Wee" challenge so I decided to do one of those ideas. That was the challenge where we were tasked with making something in miniature.

Actually I've wanted to do this challenge since I started work, but haven't found the time.

Introducing my teeny, tiny mail minion.

Compared to the minions that I've made for my kids that are between a foot and 2 feet tall, this little guy is in miniature. He's only 6 inches high. He's my little mail minion and he is decorating my cubicle at work. The FS stands for Foundation Services (which is really just a fancy way of saying Mail Room).

He has tiny Service Canada passes just like me. I keep telling people at work to refer all difficult questions to the mail minion. And I tell him that he'd better get all my boxes of files unpacked while I'm at lunch. But he's not a very good minion - he never listens to me. He's always seen chatting it up with my co-workers instead of doing any actual work. hehehe

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Monday, 31 August 2015

Iron Craft #17: F Is For...

This week's challenge:
"Let's get back to an alphabet challenge and cook up some projects that start wirh the letter "F". (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough).

I decided to go with an easy one this week. Balancing a new job, summer activities with the kids and creative pursuits have proven a little too much for me lately. So flannelette it is! :)

Actually, for those in the US it's just flannel. I have no idea why they call it flannelette in Canada.

Anyhoo.... Logan needed new jammies. Most of his pajama sets are turning into shorts. They started out as pants. Honestly they did. The boy just keeps growing and growing.

Several weeks ago we went to the fabric store and Logan chose some flannelette that he liked. I washed it and then it sat on my cutting table. Iron Craft was the perfect spur to get me going.

I made this pajama set:

As you can see, the race cars is the "F" part of the project - Flannelette. The green is just a t-shirt knit. Both a super soft and comfy. Logan has worn these pajamas once already and said he had a good sleep because they were so soft.


So there you have it! I actually got off my butt and finished a project. Phew!

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Iron Craft #15: So Wee...

This week's challenge:

"think small, work in miniature, make something tiny…" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Oh dear... those who know me know that I never really do anything small.

But this couldn't have come at a better time.

 I started a full time job after being a stay at home mommy for 8 and a half years. Whoa! That was a change! I'm still working on balancing my work time with my creative time. So a small project was needed.

Ta Da! I bought a 6" by 6" cross stitch canvas and made this cute kitty cross stitch.

The kids insisted that I make the kitty black like our kitty Mathilda. Although if you ask me, this kitty is much more intelligent than our curious cat. ;)

I think I may do a series of the "smart cat" cross stitches and hang them all together someplace in our house. They are so cute!

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Iron Craft #14: Blue Skies

This week's challenge:

"We haven’t had a color challenge in awhile, so let’s celebrate those lovely summer blue skies. For this challenge we want you to make something where the prominent color is blue. It can be anything from the palest blue grey to a bright cyan to the darkest midnight blue." (courtesy of Just Craft Enough)

I have been working on a ton of birthday presents and custom orders from friends lately, so thankfully one of those involved some blue! :D

Lucy! From Peanuts.

(Actually... the pattern I had for Lucy called for a red dress... but I've never seen Lucy wear a red dress....?)

 I sewed several expressions on Lucy's face and finally ended up with this one. Not exactly happy about it, but it captures her well enough. I had tried closed mouth, open mouth (like when she's yelling BLOCKHEAD at the top of her lungs). I tried slit eyes and bead eyes. I tried eyebrows and no eyebrows. Nothing made me happy. Everyone else I've shown her to seems to think that she's great though. So I stopped worrying about it.

She was the last in a series of Peanuts characters that I made for a friend to give for a birthday present to a boy who has recently discovered the Peanuts through a school animation project. Cool!

I made Charlie Brown first, then Woodstock and Snoopy and finally Lucy. :D

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My Lucy project is on Ravelry here.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lane's Birthday Party 2015

Here are a few scenes from Lane's birthday party this year. We had her party early as usual because it's impossible to get a hold of her friends in August when he real birthday is.

We convinced her somehow to have her birthday party at our house instead of shelling out a ton of dough to have a birthday party elsewhere. I'm torn between whether that was a good idea or not.

It rained. And most of our plans were outdoors. And it wasn't just a little rain. It was full out thunder and lightening and pouring drenching wet. :(

We moved most of the party indoors and were able to sneak outside in between downpours to smack around a pinata and throw a few water balloons.

Might just have been easier to pay the moola to have the party elsewhere. A bunch of hot, sweaty little kids in a house with no air conditioning didn't exactly make for a pleasurable time for the adults. The kids didn't seem to notice luckily and Lane said she had a great time.

Terry braved the weather and bar-b-qued hotdogs for the kids. They sat on a picnic blanket in the living room to enjoy their lunch.

It stopped raining just enough to smash the guitar shaped pinata. We filled it with candy from the Bulk Barn. A friend suggested that we divide the candy into separate bags so that everyone would end up with the same amount of candy and the candy wouldn't end up in the muck and grass. That was a fantastic idea!

Then the kids all threw water balloons at the target. It wasn't nice enough to have them throw the water balloons at each other.

Instead of throw the rings around the bottles outside, we had to do it inside. Not much room but still fun!

We also had to do the Pin The Candle on the Birthday Cake game inside. The kids did a pretty decent job.

Barbie Cake!

Lane blew out the candles.

And opened presents while it was pouring outside.

Then some of the girls got to watching Katy Perry and Taylor Swift videos on TV and enjoying some snacks. The other kids played toys and had pretend sword fights with Terry in the basement while the parents were coming to pick them up.

When all was said and done, there wasn't much mess to clean up, but our house was a hot hot hot 29 degrees C. Yowsa! So when Logan came back from the birthday party that he went to, we all went to Mongos Grill to cool off in their air conditioning and enjoy some noodles.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Iron Craft #13: Words, Words, Words

This week's challenge:

"Oh, it’s the halfway point for Iron Craft ’15. Wow, time has gone by fast this year. Let’s take a little break and have an easy challenge. Create a project that uses text in it. This one should be a snap for all of you creative Iron Crafters." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Somehow - when someone says it's going to be a snap, that's when I get all freaked out and can't think of anything.

Thankfully, inspiration hit when we went on a road trip to the International Peace Gardens. The garden is on the border between Manitoba, Canada and North Dakota, USA. It was a beautiful day and a fantastic destination.

When we were coming home, we had to go through the border. That's when I realized that I haven't anything pretty to hold our passports.

That needed to be fixed ASAP.

So I made this:

It's my new "Let's Go!" passport holder. (Although, I thought it sounded better en Francais).

It holds all of our passports snug and snaps up nicely.

Incidentally, I was showing my new creation off to a Dr. Who fan and apparently the phrase Allons-y (Let's Go!) has some sort of significance - purely unintentional, but kinda funny. Everything seems to relate to that show somehow.

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