Thursday, 21 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge 4: A Suitable Twist

This week's challenge:

"Use a classic men’s suit as your inspiration and fabric to create a high fashion look. You are using the jacket and pants from your suit and that fabric must be apparent in your look." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I was so excited for this challenge. Kat from Just Crafty Enough who is the host of Project Project Runway played the role of Sandyha and chose Ken suits for all the designers.

This crazy blue velvet suit came in the mail for me early last week.

I tried to get my Ken to model the suit. But my Ken is the beefy 1980s Ken and these new streamline "thin Ken" clothes wouldn't fit. :(

The suit jacket fit enough if he didn't move his arms too much, but the pants wouldn't go on. Here he is seen taking Sally (my model from last week) out on a date. Lane says they are going to get married tomorrow.


This is what I came up with:

I chose Pencil as my model this time because she has the smallest frame and I wanted to get the most out of my suit.

The top is made from putting Ken's shirt collar backwards on the front. I then patchworked the shirt, the pants in the middle and the velvet from the suit jacket along the bottom.

I was actually on holidays this week. We drove up to northern Manitoba to visit with my inlaws and go fishing. So I had to sew this look by hand in the car on the long 9 hour drive home yesterday. I don't think I did too badly considering.

The pants are my favourite part of this look. I look the sleeves from the velvet suit jacket and made them into pants legs. They were actually slightly too small for Pencil's legs so I had to take out the small seam allowance to the very edge to get them to fit. I then used pieces of the pants to make the top. These pants are closed by velcro and can actually come off and on. The top does as well.

Even the headband is fastened with Velcro so that miss Laney can play. Although I think this outfit will only fit on Pencil and maybe Amber. The headband was made from a strip of the pants and the bowtie from the suit.

There are no supplemental fabrics used only because I got on a roll with the suit. There is very little of the suit left though. I should have taken a photo of the scraps I left in the side panel of the car - yipes! Not that many.

For the accessories, I chose some nude coloured shoes. I think Pencil is a little concerned about her short height and wanted to appear taller, so nude was the perfect shoe. And of course the headband that I made makes her cute pixie cut pop.

I think Zac would say that my look isn't high fashion enough. Kind of patchwork artsy craftsy sportswear. Although they loved Amanda's patchwork look so who knows? The judges all loved the pants and wish I had not covered them up with such a junior top. But the collar detail at the top was kind of interesting.

What do you think? Would I be safe? At least I didn't put strange fabric at the end of my capris to put off the judges. :)

To check out all of the suitable looks this week from the Project Project Runway designers, please click over to the Flickr Group.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge #3: Past, Present and Future

This week's challenge:

"Use an inspiration from your past to create a look for the pages of Marie Claire in 2034. You can be inspired by a memory, a feeling, by a place…it is completely up to you. The judges want to see what the future looks like as filtered through your design esthetic." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


During the show they focused on 1994, which happens to be the year I graduated from High School. I know - 20 years ago! Ouch! Way to remind me that I'm getting old.

Anyhoo... back in 1994 my dad gave me a dress that my great grandparents had imported from China for their store aptly named Hong Kong Imports. He'd been keeping it for me until I was able to fit into it.

Unfortunately, I didn't inherit the tiny Chinese hips from my dad's side of the family. Instead, my German hips from my mother proved to be impossible to stuff into the very beautiful golden Chinese dress.

I started with that and then thought about the future. I think fashion is cyclical, so something from the past will always be in style. Because I think this world is heading for continued conflict, I think there will be a return to 1940's wartime frugalness. A design made from simple cottons with a closer fit to get the most out of a small piece of fabric. Remember those fantastic shirt dresses? The ones with the smaller, less gathered bottoms than in the 1950s? But at the same time, I think Asia is going to be a strong force in the future as it is becoming now.

So here's what I came up with from all those ideas.

Simple cotton with a close to the body fit.

Sally is modeling for me this week. Her purple hair seemed a little futuristic to me.

Adding an Asian mandarin collar to a Barbie dress is redonk! Just saying. It does look nice and give this dress the Asian flare that I wanted. I also added slightly lifted cap sleeves for a "future type" new element.

The dress opens at the front and has several darts in the bodice and pleats in the skirt to give it that fitted, yet clean and simple look.

Doesn't her butt look good in this dress? hehehe

The judges thought I had way too much explanation this week which is never a good thing. I should have let the clothes speak for me. I might have come up with too simple a design and not executed it to the perfection needed to pull it off. Not really a show stopper for the pages of a magazine. But my design style was definitely in there and I was able to defend (even with the long winded explanations).

I didn't choose anything off the accessory wall this week because there was nothing simple enough for the look I was going with. I think women will finally learn that heels are the devil in the future. At least I hope they will.

What do you think? Kinda boring mom dress this week? Or clean, simple, thought out design? I'm kind of torn between the two myself.

To check out all of the other designers' futuristic designs, click on the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Testing The Waters - Camping 2014

You might remember way back to 2008 when Team T-Lo went camping. T-Lo because miss Laney wasn't born yet.

What? You don't remember every little detail about our lives?!


Good thing I posted about it, so we can all have a look see.

At the end of that post I wrote: "We'll try again with the whole camping thing once we can muster up a spare reserve of energy!"

So... we finally mustered up that spare reserve of energy and took the kids camping again. It only took ... ummmm... 6 years.

We went last weekend.

We went to St. Malo and only booked for one night. We learned our lesson from that last time 6 years ago when Logan stayed up super late and then woke up at 6:00 am. We figured we'd be exhausted the next day if two kids pulled that stunt.

Same tent in the background.

The kids thought it was really fun to hang out in their pajamas near the campfire.

I relaxed and crocheted.

Terry chopped wood, started fires, cooked meat and pitched a tent. Very manly stuff.

A Selfie. Just because.

Nice fire behind me.

It's hard to make out in this photo, but I insisted on getting one more crochet row done before total darkness. Logan was very helpful by using his light stick to light my work.

Lane seemed to know when she was tired and headed off to lay down at about 9:30. She then was woken up a couple of times and got up to see what was happening. The kids and I finally went to bed at 11:30. A super late night for two very excited kids.

But the amazing thing? They slept in until 7:30! Woo!

And we went to the beach before anyone was there and had a nice swim.

I know that some of you may have heard that someone drowned at this very beach on Saturday - the same day this photo was taken. We were not there at the time. We played at the beach until noon and then went paddle boating. Then we had lunch at the concession and went back to our campsite to pack up for check out at 3:00.

A little bit of sadness to the weekend that we actually didn't hear about until we got home.

All in all though, it was a really good trip. Makes me kinda wish that we'd tried it sooner this summer so that we could have spent more weekends out there.

Oh well. Next year we'll be camping a lot for sure!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Iron Craft 16: Summer Whites - Lambie from Doc McStuffins

This week's challenge:

"It’s time for another color challenge (or would this technically be a lack of color challenge). Anyway, create something showcasing the color white. You can use other colors in the project, but white should be the main color." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Ever since I made Pikachu for Logan a few weeks ago, Lane has been patiently waiting for her turn at Tawny's Toy Factory. When I read that this week's challenge was "whites" I knew that Lambie was the perfect project to dig into.

Lambie is a character from a kids TV show called Doc McStuffins.

This is what Lambie looks like for those without little girls obsessed with Doc McStuffins.

I didn't find a pattern for her. I looked online and found a few toys that were for sale, but I'd rather make a homemade stuffie. So I made up my own again.

Lane and I went to the fabric store. I had originally thought that I would make Lambie out of white towels bought at the thrift store. Cheap and fluffy like a lamb. But when we were looking around Fabricland, we found a fabric called Baby Lamb. It was so soft and, well, lamb-ish that I couldn't help myself. And it was on sale so how could I argue?

I got work on embroidering the face first. I showed Lane an open and closed mouth look and she decided that she liked the felt, open mouth look best. I embroidered it on a pale pink piece of fabric that I actually did buy at the thrift store.

I had pink fleece on hand and we purchased some jumbo ric rac at the fabric store to put around her wrists and ankles.

The pink shiny stuff for the skirt also came from the thrift store. It came in a bag of fabric and there wasn't much of it. Lane has been itching for me to make it into something for her for a long time now. It's not quite the sheer stuff that Lambie's skirt appears to be made of, but Lane insisted that it was perfect for her Lambie. I agree.

And Laney love Lambie with all her heart. Lambie has already made a cozy spot in Lane's bed for herself. As I'm writing this blog post, Lane is laying on the couch with Lambie watching Doc McStuffins together. Adorable.

What do you think? Does she look close to the original? I think she's a bit of a glam version of the original, which suits my Laney just right.

To check out all of the summer whites from the Iron Crafters, click on the link to the Flickr Group.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Project Project Runway Challenge 2: Unconventional Movie Night

This week's challenge was an unconventional materials challenge - already!

"Use movie and movie experience items to create a movie inspired look. This included ideas found in a concession stand plus those used by people who make movies in things like the lighting, costume, and props departments. (The items on the show included things like rope, colored tape, plastic flowers, chain, hard hats, colored plastic sheets, marquee letters, candy, straws, popcorn containers, scripts, CDs, colored wire and 3D glasses.) Remember the judges do not react well to using supplies that are too close to actual fabric. Also don’t make anything that looks to costumey!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I asked Lane to save her cup from the movies we went to on Saturday. She didn't even blink when I said that I was going to make Barbie clothes out of it. She was all in!

I fashioned a corset out of my blue cup and Lane's orange cup. I used theatre tape (duck tape) to "stitch" it together. Then I took apart an old VHS tape and pulled out all its guts heehehehe. I brushed off my macrame skills and I started tying the knots.

And tying the knots and tying the knots.  This skirt took me a couple of hours. But it looks really cool and I think the judges respond to making your own textile out of weird materials.

I then added more cup pieces woven into the skirt. I think they give it that "rings of saturn" kind of look. And we all know the Aurora is a little spacey hehehe. I thought it was funny that Aurora decided to come back right at the unconventional challenge where I made her wear a weird crispy VHS tape skirt. It sure does sound cool when it swishes.

This look came together better than I had hoped. I think I would definitely be safe this week.

Even if Aurora looks a little bag lady-ish. The VHS tape looked a little more like trash bags than I originally thought it would.

Even the back looks nice. Unfortunately, this one is not re wearable. The skirt might untie and be removable, but the corset is taped together. I doubt Lane will want to keep this outfit in the Barbie closet anyway.

The corset turned out really neat. I cut the bubbles picture out of the cups and make them into "cups". Spacey!

I chose a pretty blue bag from the Aldo Accessory Wall. It may be a little matchy matchy, but I really like it.

So there you have it! Another unconventional challenge in the bag!

Want to see what crazy stuff the other Project Project Runway designers have come up with? Check out the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Crocheted Jake from Adventure Time

Remember awhile back when Terry chose Finn as his crocheted creation? Well, Logan decided that since Terry had Finn, he needed to have Jake.

I got to work on Jake just before we went on holidays. Crocheting at the wading pool while the kids were playing ended up being a fun time. The kids at the wading pool were very excited to see Jake come together. While I was there, Jake's face and body were already done. I was working on his arms and legs. The kids went cuckoo bananas to see Jake sitting next to me patiently awaiting his appendages.

And there he is! He turned out fantastic!

I used this lovely pattern - she also made the Finn pattern and you can purchase the two together! woo!

Logan loves him and Terry loves him and all the kids at the wading pool love him. He was getting lots of attention that's for sure.

(The link to my project on Ravelry)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Project Project Runway 2014 - Episode 1 - The Judges Decide

You read that title correctly. I've been pulled back into Project Project Runway.

And I couldn't be happier. I love making doll clothes! :D

Lane came to me last week and asked if I could make some more clothes for her growing Barbie collection. You might remember that some of the last Project Project Runway creations had to be sewn onto my "models" at the last moment and therefore were unusable as wardrobe clothes when Lane is playing.

This season, I'm going to concentrate on finishing again. All those little details like hems and collars and sleeves that I sometimes don't think about when making on this small scale. I'm also going to try to make the outfits removable so that Lane can use them for all her Barbies in the future.

Phew! That's a tall order! I've stocked up on tiny hooks and eyes, snaps and Velcro for this piddly, tiny little job.

Last Thursday was the season premiere of Project Runway, so today is reveal day for the Project Project Runway designers.

The challenge?

"Challenge - The Judges Decide
The goal of Project Runway is to make it to show at Fashion Week Spring, so show the judges one Spring look you would show if you won." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I went in search of a model and found Amber ready and willing to be a model for me again this season. Yay!

I rummaged around in my fabric stash and found a pale pink, light and flowy chiffon-type fabric. I layered it several times so that nothing inappropriate was showing and then got to work creating a springtime dress.

I started with a simple sheath dress and added some interesting sleeve straps. Then I added an overskirt and a belt to tie it all together. As per my promise, I hemmed everything and finished the sleeves and the belt as much as I could. I also made the dress to close at the back with Velcro.

I think this dress looks so cute on Amber. Light and flowy and fun for spring.

I think the belt could have been a little more delicate. I'm not totally sold on the wideness of it (especially how it ties at the back), but Lane needs wide strings in order to be able to tie them with her tiny 5 year old learning fingers. I attached the belt to the dress so that it doesn't get lost.

We were advised to choose from the Aldo Accessory Wall for our runway show.

I chose these pretty Broawen earrings with a touch of pink in them so bring out the pale pink of my dress.

I think the finished look came together very well.

What do you think? Would you like to join in on the Project Project Runway fun? Visit this link to get all the details on how to join.

And check out the Flickr Group for all the Project Project Runway designers new designs.