Thursday, 11 September 2014

Project Project Runway #7: Priceless Runway

This week's challenge:

"Use a piece of Chopard jewelry as your inspiration for an extravagant evening look that would be worn to a gala or other special event. This is your moment to wow the judges and pull out all the stops." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I chose a very difficult fabric to work with at this scale. My goodness! I remember using this fabric for Lane's Christmas dress last year and it was fraying everywhere and such a pain. It's even worse when working in doll size!

But the dress itself turned out rather nice:

I chose this necklace from the Chopard collection.

I think the interesting sleeves "frame" the necklace really well.

And the whole look is shiny and clingy in all the proper places.

Rapunzel has a ton of hair to deal with and it kept getting stuck in the Velcro used to close the neck piece. It shouldn't be such a mess, but I was continually fitting this model and had to keep pulling more hair out of the neck piece :(

I think she looks red carpet ready though. And there is one benefit to her hair being so long - it hides the mess of a back.  I had a little problem with the "zipper". I didn't want to sew her into the dress and the fabric frayed so much that I didn't have much to work with and sew the Velcro to. So her dress ended up being slightly too small. Yipes, I really had to pull her into it!

Oh well. I think the judges will give me a pass because the dress isn't boring. It has an interesting concept with the frame for the jewelry. And it's shiny and clingy. I bet Heidi would want to wear it.

To see all of the red carpet looks the Project Project Runway designers have come up with to show off fancy jewelry, please check out the Flickr Group.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Crocheted Squirtle - From Pokemon

Logan is still obsessed with Pokemon.

In fact, the project list that he has for me to crochet for him is at least 95% Pokemon characters.

So I set to work and made Squirtle.

I think the likeness is there. And he's oh so cute.

I used this pattern that I found on Ravelry.

It took about 2 evenings to make. Logan has been driving Squirtle around on his toy dump truck for days now. I think he likes his new Water Pokemon friend.

A link to my Squirtle project on Ravelry.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Iron Craft #18: "C" Is For....

This week's challenge:

"Let’s do another alphabet challenge! This time you need to create a project based on the letter “C”. That means either the technique, main supply, color or content needs to begin with a “C”. This is an easy one for you guys really…." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

So... uh... I've been totally in (C)rochet lately. I figured that any project I did with crochet would be the one I did for this Iron Craft Challenge.

But that wouldn't make it much of a challenge now would it?

I still decided to do crochet. But I challenged myself by learning a new stitch - the basket weave stitch.

Here is my Crocheted Barbie Clothes Container

If you follow this blog regularly then you know that I also participate in the Project Project Runway challenge (also brought to you by Just Crafty Enough). Every week during the airing of Project Runway we challenge ourselves to the same design challenges, only in miniature - for Barbie sized dolls.

This season I've challenged myself further by trying to make all of my clothes with all the fasteners and Velcro I can muster to make them reusable. It means that I've got a growing collection of Barbie fashion! I need some place to put all of the fun dresses. When I saw that pattern for this basket, I thought it would be the perfect thing to store all those clothes!

I added a bunch of decorations that kind of went with the theme - a high heeled shoe, a ballerina dress and a pretty girl face. Lane loves this new basket.

The Barbies were placed inside the basket to check out their new closet. They weren't sure their precious clothes should be shoved inside a basket instead of put on display somewhere. But I told them it was either the clothes or them and they changed their minds pretty quickly. ;P

The basket is very large and worked in rounds. I held 2 pieces of yarn together to make a chunky, sturdy look. Actually, you can see that I ran out of the variegated whitish-blue colour at the top and had to switch out for blue. Then I ran out of grey for the handles and had to resort to straight blue. But I think it looks like I might have planned that - so it's OK.

I like the way this turned out. Hopefully I won't find the clothes strewn all over the floor because Lane has found some other use for this basket. But, really, I totally expect that to happen. Might have to make a few more. They would make really cute trash cans as well.

To see all of the Iron Crafters' "C" projects, check out the Flickr Group.

Link to my project on Ravelry - along with the link to the pattern I used in case you wanna learn the basket weave stitch as well.

Monday, 8 September 2014

First Day of Kindergarten and Grade 3 (2014)

My Logan has started grade 3 and my Laney has started Kindergarten.

What the F?

No one told me it was going to be this quick! Well... they said it was going to be quick... like I'd blink and the kids would be grown...

But seriously, I haven't even half blinked and my first baby is in grade 3!?? And my second thinks she's the biggest girl because she gets to go to Kindergarten everyday.

Everyday people! I can't handle everyday! I want my baby home with me everyday.


Just look at this! Such a handsome young man. A barely blink (actually I swear I haven't blinked yet) and he's so big.

And this! Laney stood out in her Kindergarten line until her teacher came. She then waved goodbye to me and skipped - she skipped! - her way into the school.

I cried all the way home.

But I'm going to have to get used to it. My children are so well behaved and smart and creative and they need to share those awesome personalities with the rest of the world. They need to learn things that I can't teach them. They need to have friends and be friends and laugh and tell jokes and run around the gym doing laps and sing in a choir and come home with paint in their hair from an art project their teacher has concocted and tell me about the wonderful books they read and the math problems they can now solve on their own and describe in detail that frogs aren't actually that slimy because they learned it in science class. They need to be kids on their own - without their mommy. *sniff*

And I have to let go - have a life of my own, perhaps get a job that doesn't entail putting bandaids on scraped knees and finding that one Barbie that a child has last seen 7.9 months ago but needs this instant.

A new phase in our lives is starting - just not sure if I'm ready for it yet.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Project Project Runway #6: Rock The Wedding

This week's challenge: "Shake off tradition and create an alternative wedding dress. There are no rules so unleash your creativity, but make sure it is believable for a bride and not a costume.Bonus, also create a reception look that corresponds with the dress. This is optional for PPR because we don’t have teammates to help." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I thought about this one for a long time. Maybe I was still a bit shaken from my disaster of a dress last week. I finally decided to make a wedding dress for a good ole country girl.

I gotta say. I think I nailed it this time. I really thought about what a country girl would like to wear for her wedding. Something elegant, yet down home. I went with the beige lace to give it a little vintage feel. I went with a deep wine/purple coloured silk underneath.

A plunging neckline cinched in with a corset belt. I added ties on the outside of the belt for a more country feel without being a huge belt buckle.

I think she would be comfortable wearing her fave pair of cowgirl boots and her cowgirl hat with this dress as accessories.

And for the reception?

She'd be part saloon girl now wouldn't she?

Still using the same fabrics, I changed the look up enough so that you know it's the same girl at the same wedding, but just a little more ready to party.

The judges might not like the artsy craftsy approach I took with this shredded rose on the front, but I think it adds to the country look perfectly. And those same boots and hat she wore to her wedding would look awesome with this dress as well.

I love this! I would totally get married in this - and I'm not even a real country fan.

I think it turned out elegant and classic for the wedding and fun and country saloonish for the reception. And the judges would definitely appreciate the amount of thought I put into designing for a particular girl.

The sewing was a bit difficult for two sizes of models this week, but Lane insisted that Princess Rose needed to marry Ken... like... tomorrow. And Tinkerbell was her maid of honour.


What do you think? Would I be safe this week?

To see all the other bridal wear from the Project Project Runway designers, check out the Flickr group.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Crocheted Hexagonal Baby Blanket Gift with Red Heart's Baby Clouds Yarn

I was at the thrift store checking everything out and found a ton of yarn called Baby Clouds in all different colours. It was super chunky and I got a super awesome price for it. Only problem: I haven't ever crocheted with it and didn't quite know what I would make.

Then a bunch of my friends had babies.

And special handmade gifts were needed - STAT!

Our neighbours had a baby and I needed a gift that would work for either boy or girl as we weren't sure what gender baby they had. We're not that close - but they are still our neighbours and we always try to be ... nice?... neighbourly? ... Tolerable?

So I got together my super awesome cheap baby clouds yarn and made this hexagonal baby blanket.

Cute right?

I used this easy pattern that I found on Ravelry.

And here is the link to my project on Ravelry with all the spicy details of what kind of yarn I used (even though I just told you... like right there... right there... ya... right there) and other such details like the link to the pattern (even though I also told you that just above... yeah... like right there.) Hehehehe.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Wasps Never Saw it Coming (Neither Did We)

Terry came home one day after work all pumped up and ready to fight a war.

A war against the wasps that had taken up residence in our compost bin.

Those jerks! They never saw this coming.

ACK! We never saw this coming either. Terry actually made me plastic wrap everywhere he thought a wasp might get in including around his head. Now that is an extreme war soldier suit if I ever saw one.

We watched  from the comfort and safety of Lane's room while Terry pulled up the compost bin and ran away from the swarm.


He then tried to dig the nest out with a snow shovel. As you probably guessed, he couldn't see very well under all that "armor"? so he ended up just shoveling where he thought it might be and shoving it into a garbage bag.

The children thought this was highly entertaining and watched from the peanut gallery in a flurry of giggles and cheering for their dad.

When it was obvious that he couldn't see if he got the whole nest, he resorted to spraying the f$%k out of everything. If you can't get the wasps any other way, you gotta poison the daylights out of them.

My goodness - what a mess of leaves and compost! And yes... I spent the last year building up that nice compost and it was ruined in about 5 minutes. *sigh*

Wasps are huge jerkwads!

The loudest cheers came when the poison was released on those pesky buggers. Those douche pickles, those asshats, those miserable sons of bitches, etc, etc.

So in closing, screw you wasps!

Terry 1: Wasps 0