Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sponge Bob Shoe Lace Practice Pillow

I have a confession to make: I haven't taught Logan how to tie his shoes yet.

Terry has been working with him recently because he had his heart set on some lace up running shoes this time around instead of the usual Velcro.

Emergency time!

I thought that I had better put on my mommy pants and do something to help my little guy learn this valuable skill.

So I made this Practice Lace Up Pillow:

The pattern is from one of my bloggy BFFs over at the Silly Pearl.

It was such an awesome pattern. Easy to follow and I whipped this pillow up in an afternoon.

You might have noticed that this particular pillow is made out of 4 different kinds of Sponge Bob themed fabric. The choice was sort of intentional because it reminds me of the episode when Sponge Bob forgets how to tie his shoes and Gary the snail has to teach him. There is a catchy little loop de loop song included in that episode. I couldn't find a really good video of it, but here's the idea:

Well... actually... I have another confession to make - I really only chose the Sponge Bob fabric because I had a ton of it in all sorts of patterns and colours. But it sounds better to say that I purposely did that because of the shoe tying episode.

Now Logan can place the pillow on his lap whenever he's watching TV and practice, practice, practice. :D


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Iron Craft #7 - On Trend

This week's challenge:

"So, create a project based on one or more of the trends below…
Radiant Orchid


I chose the simplest geometric design and went with cubes.

Crocheted baby blocks!

I used a very simple pattern I found on Ravelry. They are crocheted in 6 sides and the crocheted together with foam in the centre.

There are stripes on 2 of the sides of 2 of the blocks to add some pattern. But I didn't feel like they were quite done after I made these, so I've been working on my crochet skills by making appliques for the sides of each block.

For the purposes of this challenge though, the cubes are enough. I'll show you my progress on the appliques in a later post. I have given each block a theme. One is all fruit, one is bugs, one is season-themed, and the last is animals.

Here is the link to my geometric cubed baby blocks project on Ravelry.


To see all the on trend projects from the Iron Crafters, please visit the Flickr Group

PS: I've got my fingers crossed that the next Iron Craft project we will do will be Peeps! EEEEEE!!!. I've already went on a hunt for Peeps and found them at good ole Walmart. I picked up a bunch and have been brainstorming ideas. So if there isn't a Peeps challenge this year (lots of the Iron Crafters live in places where Peeps are not readily available) I will still make a Peeps craft to share with you. ;)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Break Robots

Our house just wouldn't be our house if we didn't have a mess of crafts happening during spring break.

This year we decided to downsize Logan's stash of empty toilet paper rolls. That boy has been collecting them for a long time and had a huge drawer full.

We got out the paint to colour the tubes.

Then we got felt and toothpicks, markers, googly eyes and other decorations and made ROBOTS!

Now I don't want to alarm anyone, but we're in the middle of a full scale robot attack! The cute cuddly children you see in the photo above are really evil masterminds bent on ruling the world!

Don't let the cuteness fool you. These robots are dangerous. They'll lure you in with their smiles and cute robot antennas and then they'll brainwash you into becoming part of their robot army.

Lane created these ones.

Logan created these ones.

And I made the tangerine tango robots.

They've been wheeling and flying around our house bleeping and blooping the whole way. Save me! ACK!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bubbles - The 2nd Crocheted Powerpuff Girl

Lane's turn for a crocheted object. She chose a friend for her first Powerpuff Girl.

I once again gathered up all the sugar, spice and everything nice... and added a little chemical X to come up with Bubbles.

Well actually... I used this pattern again. Only I switched the green out for blue and made some blonde hair and pigtails.

Now Buttercup has a sister. Next time Lane's turn comes up, she's already decided that the third Powerpuff Girl shall be made. So stay tuned for Blossom!

Here is the link to my Bubbles project on Ravelry.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New Banner

It's about time right?!!

About time for what?

About time for a new banner of course!

The old blog banner was getting a little... er... more like A LOT dated. So I finally got down to making a new one. And it's cute!

You can now see the new banner every time you open up this blog - right up there at the top.

Hopefully it won't take me another 2 years to update it. :D

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Iron Craft #6 - String Theory - Crocheted Garfield

This week's challenge:

"No, we aren’t asking you to delve into physics this Iron Craft challenge. Instead we want you to create something using a string-like material. That means string (of course), thread, yarn, rope, embroidery floss, silly string…you get the idea." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough).


This one was easy because I've been totally into crochet lately.

I went big with this one. ... Hmmmm .... not that I originally intended to, but it was Logan's turn to choose what I crochet and he wanted Garfield the cat.

And Garfield the cat is chubby. So his size got a little crazy and I almost didn't think I was going to finish before the deadline.

Phew! Finished on Sunday after sitting down for 3 hours and working straight on the tail and stripes.

Let me tell ya - I used a buttload of pumpkin coloured "strong" for this project!

The pattern I used can be found for purchase on Ravelry. It was a very good pattern. Easy to follow with step by step instructions and lots of photos. I just love all the special details that were included - like those little under the ear hairs and the freckles on the yellow lip.

The detailing of actually sewing the stripes on make Garfield look more authentic to his comic strip drawings.


This project took me the entire 2 weeks to complete and it was totally worth it! Logan really loves his new lazy friend.

Logan introduced Garfield to his room and the cat immediately buried under the covers and had a snooze.

Then someone told him that we were having lasagna for dinner tonight and this is the face he made:

Yup... I have a feeling that the lasagna isn't for us anymore hehehe

I do believe that this pattern designer has a patter for Odie as well. So I think that may be a project for the future! Garfield needs a super enthusiastic friend to keep him on his toes. :)


To view all the string theory projects from my fellow Iron Crafters, please check out the Flickr Group.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Bright Eyes

Logan and Lane had their first optometrist appointments today. I know! I've totally put it off.

 Then I went to register Lane for kindergarten. I know! She can't possibly be old enough for kindergarten.

The school requires that she gave an optometrist appointment before registration. I know! Totally weird considering that they only strongly suggest your child be up to date on vaccinations, but insist that you prove you have taken them to the eye doctor. Whatever.

Anyway, the kids did fine. Their bright shiny eyes are bright and shiny. And I got all the proper papers filled out.

Trust Logan to only think about the Nintendo 64 in the waiting area. I know!